Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Welcome to my first
'Whats up Wednesday'! 
I have been in a slump here lately.  Blog wise and life wise.  I don't know where my mojo has gone but I want it back.  I feel like my blog has gotten a little stale and me along with it.  I had this idea and think it's exactly what I need....a day where I just share whats up with me.  Not junkin, although maybe some of that, but whats up in my life. 
So here goes...

My word for 2011 is 'organization' how am I doing?  Not as well as I hoped by Feb 16th but some progress has been made.  When I last posted about this subject I was going to take the extra time to organize my Christmas decorations.  I did it!!  Yay for me.  It went from this...

So much Christmas stuff
 A big unorganized mess 

 Labeled bins 
Stacked neatly in one corner of the basement! 

This makes me so happy!  
My next area to organize down in the basement
More bins with holiday decor 
This large hutch was bought on 1/2 price day at the thrift store for $15 and will be used to organize more dishes and tablescaping items

Today I'm heading to the basement with my Valentine's day bin all labled and ready for next year!  I'll be bringing up the St Patrick's day box. 

What are you up to today?


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Brenda said...

Today I have to to the dreaded bill paying job and hopefully I will get a little sewing in. Just got home from work so I am visiting my favorite bloggy friends before getting back to it. Good job on your organizing! Have a great rest of the week!

Linda said...

So nice you have all the storage space in your basement, Linda! Loved the shower photos, too...looks like everyone had fun!

Olive Cooper said...

I think this a difficult time of year period. For blogging and all else. I worry about taxes and college tuition in february, it seems like way too much. I do not take a lot of photographs cause everything outside is grey or brown. I am ready for Spring and I am sick with a virus. Your organised boxes would make me happy too!

Charlotte said...

Good for you! Everytime I try to 'clean and consolidate', someone comes behind me and messes it up again!

laxsupermom said...

I need to get some organizing done, too, just not today. I spent all morning grocery shopping, am taking a break at the moment, and hope to get some sewing done. Looks like you've made a great start at organizing the basement. Thanks for sharing.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks and sounds like you are getting more done than I am.
Hope you are feeling better.

D said...

Congrats on getting your stuff organized. My, you certainly have a lot of Christmas goodies.
I think I'm going to take a walk now. The sun is shining and it's almost warm outside.
(I don't think your blog is stale at all :)

Pondside said...

Yikes - you're a good example to all of us...I still have a pretty disorganized pile that I should get to!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Organizing was going to be my priority for this year too. I had started out pretty well, then my life went upside down. Been prettty depressed lately, just the divorce stuff, getting the restraining order, hoping he gets jail time, worrying about money...never expected to be in this situation. But part of me wants all of his things out...NOW! so I can get back to organizing without any roadblocks, if ya get my drift. anyhoo, have a great day!

And big kuddos on getting a handle on Xmas decos!!

Susan said...

Linda you did good!!

Donnie said...

Today I started to use up some of the groceries here in the Florida place because we go back home to NC on April 1st. Made Chocolate chip cookies and to others that's not unusual but I'm not one to voluntarily cook anything especially baking. Went to 2 thrift stores and spent $3 (1 blouse/1 DVD) now just visiting around. Looks like you've been working very hard. Hope you took some reward breaks.

Tara Beaulieu said...

What a good idea! My basement looks like I threw a grenade down the stairs and closed the door, lol.

Ours is unfinished and so, unheated. It's freezing down there during the winter and it stinks because it's my work space as well as storage space. I REALLY need to get on the organizing. I can't even work, every surface is covered with junk!

Thanks for being brave and showing us your fabulous progress!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Linda I have to do the same organization in my basement! I have so many craft items that have been negelected and magazine and books that I haven't had a chnace to read all stacked up everywhere. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sue said...

Love the Flamingo's head sticking out of all the stuff....I'm jealous that you have a basement to store stuff...all we have is the garage under the house and the Boss has that pretty well full of his stuff...I so need a larger house!!

Marigene said...

Wow, you have been busy...when you get done with yours, you can come do mine!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

OOO Linda, you're getting soooo organized! I need to do some of this too. I wish I had a big basement. We can't have them in my area, because we are on swamp land! Of course, I'm sure if I had a basement, I'd be throwing things in there without organizing it. You did good! That shelf for your table setting storage is going to be great! I know what you're talking about - there are so many times when I think my blog is really the same old thing all of the time and I wonder why I keep blogging. But I always come back to it. It's addictive. You're way ahead of me. I just started taking down my V'tine's decor about 20 mins. ago! laurie

Gina said...

I always find that organization makes everything run so smoothly (& look so neat.) You'll be thrilled next year when you pull out all your Christmas decorations.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I have been working on my new seashells...did some yard work...working on my HUGE frame and washing my porch's been one busy day!


Diann said...

Good start on the organization Linda. Just getting the Christmas stuff all dealt with is a huge chore and now it is neatly stored!
Today I gor a bunch of photos taken of things I will be using for upcoming blog posts. I got a couple of next week blog posts done, did laundry and boxed odd some things and got them out of the house! So much to do. But, a little at a time helps I guess. LOL I feel the same way about my blog on a regular basis. I think we all do. And remember, Feb & March are the two worst months out of the year for most people. It's blah outside so no sun and fresh air. It brings our spirits down. It is very natural.
Love ya girl!

Susan said...

I do believe all of us bloggers go through difficult times in blogging. Maybe that's why so many of us start up another one in a totally different theme. But I think I just love how you will be sharing your life with us, Linda. I'm sorry to hear your in a bit of a funk right now. Winter blues? I'm getting them a bit myself. I'm itching for spring flowers and new things all around me. Maybe that's it. We need some spring.

What you've done with your Christmas decorations is fabulous. You're a thousand times more organized then I am. You'll get the other stuff done. Don't fret too much. :-) It, as they say, will be there.

I do hope you are feeling better soon, my friend.


Chatty Crone said...

I like this Linda - always like to hear or read a personal note. I think you have done a great job at organizing - I am so proud of you.

I got my hair cut today.

You have to make room for some 'blue' things.


one gal's trash said...

Wait...Did you say "tablescaping"? That's my new favorite word! Good job on the bins. There is something very cathartic about organizing holiday junk. Headed to my studio to finish putting away Christmas. See?! You're not the only one!

Bounty Huntress said...

I heart organizing!! I bet that feels good for you to have that done.
Today for me was a picnic lunch at the park with my kids and friends, a much needed haircut, a trip to the vet to get the dog's sutures removed, and a long walk with just my oldest and the dog.

Hope you guys are having the nice weather we have right now!

Laura said...

You are an inspiration to us all-your bins look amazing!
I am having a hard time thinking of anything that is interesting to write about-
I understand exactly how you feel about blogging.

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CAS said...

It looks like you are well on your way to getting things organized. How cool that you have a basement with all that storage space. Basements are rare here in the desert.

bj said...

OMYGOSH...I wish my stuff was this organized. You are amazing and fast becoming my hero. :))
I don't have a basement so all our Christmas things are in the attic. As we AGE, it is becoming harder for Mr. Sweet and I to go up and down those stairs with boxes. We switched from a 7' tree to a 4' tree a few years back..makes it a little easier. Guess we need to just start buying a real tree and then won't have to worry about storing a tree..just decorations. Maybe next yr....*sigh

Patti said...

How nice to pop by your sweet blog for a change. AS you know, blogging just hasn't been high on my list of priorities lately, what with trying to do online college (and get through this long winter!). I have found that it's been easier for me to keep up with my least I can be "social" that way, when my time is limited.

I do miss blogging though. I'm pretty sure I'll never get back to posting several times a week like I used to, but I HAVE done 2 posts this week...I only did 2 posts the entire month of January, so I'm ahead of the game I guess.

Anyhow, organizing is always on most of our lists of things to accomplish. I'm glad you're making some headway.

Love and hugs,

Michele Smith said...

I feel like I've been in that slump for awhile too. I really need to do some organizing around here. I've got the inlaws coming in a couple weeks so thats my motivation LOL.
You made some really nice progress though :)


the cape on the corner said...

what's up weds, i like it! i had a busy weds...a presentation in the morning, then straight to a hospital to meet with a patient, then dinner with a friend and to the movies to see the king's speech.

organizing feels so good, right? i have been fighting a bloggy slump, too, i think it's only natural!

Kathleen said...

I need to do that too! It is bad down there. Now the Val has to be packed away, and on to the best! ♣♣♣ :)

Annesphamily said...

Linda you are never stale but I do know the feeling. Sometime I feel like I am in a rut. I am looking over stuff all over our bedroom. I wanted to clear all this space two months ago! Yikes! But each little thing adds up so I try not to get too discouraged. I love visiting you and treasure your friendship. Anne

SavannahGranny said...

Good job with the organization. Looks great. You will really appreciate it come Christmas. I finally got mine put up. It was almost Feb before the tree was packed away. Got my first tablescape ,since Thanksgiving, done.
i have not been well but feeling much better now. I am hoping to get a project ready to post for next week. I have been slow getting around but hope to do better. Big hugs coming your way. Ginger

Laurie said...

This is so funny that I'm reading this today, because earlier I went and bought another tub for the rest of the Christmas stuff I've collected! I filled it and got rid of a few things and felt very good about doing so -- just today! Bravo for your organization efforts! I know just how you feel about needing more space for dishes and tablescaping! We dish-lovers really tend to collect piles of it, don't we?!