Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What I Bought At WLYS 2013

I had such a blast at the Worlds Longest Yard Sale this year.  I took lots of photos of my friends booth and I will do a blog post on that next week!

I was so proud of myself for not going 'overboard' and really loving all that I found!
My first find set me back one dollar! 
I have few of these jars in several colors.  This is the largest one I have and I love this color!
At the same booth I found this McCoy pottery piece...its a peach color and unusual.
If someone knows the age of this mark I would love to know!

I KNOW!!  I've been downsizing but these two wine glasses were only 25 cents each and it was church sale and so yes I bought them!  
I also bought two little cars for Tiger but they are already at his house!

I did find these two rolling pins!  I didn't have one and I love the chippy red paint on the handle.  The little one is for Tiger when we bake and was 25 cents!  Mine was $3 and a bargain I thought!

Next I went to Kathy and Jeff's booth and I must say they had the most awesome stuff! 
This is what I bought!
I love these two bowls!  Hazel Atlas Moderntone platonite pastel pink cream soup bowls!
I have already put these in my kitchen cabinets!
This lone pink wineglass needed a home!
This chalk painted pale pink frame is going to have Paris photos in it soon!
I am so in love with this table!  The rain did some damage to the paint job but I will just paint it again!  Kathy I love this and it looks fabulous in my bedroom!

Now my favorite WLYS find was really a sweet gift from my friend Kathy.  She had made some pillows and when I walked up to the booth this one jumped in my hands!
Made from an old chenille bedspread, Kathy added these sweet flowers!
Kathy insisted that it was a gift! 
I love it and soon I'll share how perfect it is in my bedroom makeover!

I bought a few other items but they are gifts and so I can't share them.

Now for the giveaway!
All of these little items just called to me!
I hope you like them! How to win?
Just leave a comment and included the words
I'll choose a winner on Saturday August 10th

I would love it if you are a follower of A La Carte but it's not a requirement.  However you must include the words "Enter Me" in your comment! 

I'm joining these fun parties this week
Wishing you JOY,



Brenda Kula said...

Great stuff! Love the blue bottle, rolling pins, pillow, everything. Oh, and that table is adorable. I'm not entering because I have too much STUFF!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Enter me! I love all of the wonderful things you found! The pillow that Kathy made is my favorite...WOW! I have some chenille...I feel inspired now! I'm glad you had fun! Sweet hugs, Sis!

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

All are adorable finds Linda! We've had very mild weather here, hope it was the same for you:@)

20 North Ora said...

Sounds like so much fun! You found lots of goodies. Especially the McCoy piece - I'm drooling!


Lots of fun things.


mrs. c said...

Great photos, you made my pillow look lovely! We finished packing up stuff and taking down tents last night. It will take me a few days to recover! So glad you came to see us and I can't wait to visit you after your wonderful Paris trip. It will be here before you know it. Blogging has introduced me to some wonderful ladies......I am so blessed!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Oh yes, Enter Me! Love all your pretty treasures Linda, the chenille pillow is adorable. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Susan said...

Hi Linda.....So happy you had fun. Great finds. I'm going to let the giveaway go to someone else, though. Trying to be good about not accumulating too much more!! ha! Take care, Linda, and thanks for sharing. Susan

Barbara F. said...

Such great stuff, Linda. Love the green glasses and rolling pins, and the peach McCoy. Glad you had a great time. I'm not entering because I am in the same boat as Brenda! That little birdie siting on the mold is very cute, though! xo

J said...

What fun! I am in love with the set of "grandma and me" rolling pins! And the pillow that just "jumped into your hands!" LOL That is lovely with the flower accents.
I will opt out of the contest tho, so someone who has room for your sweet little collection can win it. I own so many charming things like those that belonged to my mom or grandmas. Your winner will be delighted!

Jojo said...

You are so lucky to have been able to do some shopping at the WLYS!!!! Love all the prize finds but the table is my favorite!

Paris is around the corner!!!!

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

You found some very pretty things!! Sure wish I could get my act together and have you as a partner in the antique mall down the street here!! You have the greatest things!!


What a darling pillow! Fun finds!
WOW, your trip is coming up quickly! I'm so excited for YOU!

Nellie said...

Great finds, Linda! It sounds like you had a wonderful time! xo Nellie

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love seeing what you found and added to your home. I am not entering either, my collections are taking over all my space. My fav was that vintage rolling pin, nice paint design on the handles.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Linda, you found some amazing treasures! LOVE the McCoy pottery! Yay, you!

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Love your pillow. I think you made some awesome finds...rolling pin for 3 is great. ENTER ME in your giveaway.

Vicky Hunt said...

Please ENTER ME! I love all the treasures you bought both for yourself and your giveaway winner! How fun...:) Your little table and pillow are darling and I can't wait to see where you put them! Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

Blessings, Vicky
Life On Willie Mae Lane

Meggie said...

All great fines...I especially love the pillows made from an old chenille bedspread. I have a chair I covered with one.

Pondside said...

I love to see what you find at the WLYS. I have my little white pitcher on display in the kitchen - my win in your giveaway from a few years ago!

Cathy said...

I love all you found but that pillow was calling my name too! Enter Me Please.

Cathy's Cupboard Calamity<;)

Chatty Crone said...

What a lovely gift Kathy gave you - it is beautiful and delicate.

I love that table and frame - you are going girl - your apt. is going to look fabulous darling.

Complete with Paris.

Love, sandie

Jill said...

Yard sales like that are so much fun - you did great!!

ENTER ME please and thanks for sharing your loot!!

Marigene said...

You found some great stuff, Linda! Love that pillow and cream soup bowls.
The backstamp looks like it may be 1967...

Phyllis @Around the House said...

wow you found some really great stuff, I adore that lovely lone pink stemmed glass...and the two pink bowls and of course the rolling pins, such good finds..you did a great job of picking some good stuff...come on over for a visit..

Dawn@ We Call It Junkin.com said...

Please ENTER ME. Love all your finds Linda. Esp the Hazel Atlas, pink glass, pillow, and table. Looks like you had fun! Oh and the rolling pins! Take care - Dawn

Sherry said...

What great finds and really good prices! I especially love all the pink treasures. :). I won't ask you to enter me in your contest. Like you, I'm trying to downsize my possessions. That's why I've been staying away from yardsales. Because if I found the things you found at such great prices, I would have bought them. I'm so weak!

I look forward to your post featuring your friend's booth.

jan said...

I've always wanted to go the world's largest yard sale and love seeing posts on it. You found some great things!


Diane said...

Oh, Linda! What great finds! I adore that lone pink stem - I am a sucker for pink, vintage glassware!
Wish I could make that fabulous yard sale some day!

the cape on the corner said...

those pink bowls are so different, I think they're my favorite of your purchases. so glad you had fun!

Kathe said...

The chenille pillow is so lovely Linda! And the McCoy and Hazel Atlas and the rolling pins and...oh...all of it!!! You found such great items and deals!! I can't wait to see your Paris photo in the frame! SOON!

Lisa Smith said...

Just wanted to stop by and ask if you could write a post for the End of Summer Read-A-Thon. That way I can link everyone's posts up, in the introduction post tommorrow. Thank you!

@ Turning Pages

Anonymous said...

You found some wonderful treasures, and I would love for you to enter me in the giveaway.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Please ENTER ME! I love the pretty plate. I think I have a cup and saucer of the same pattern. Thanks!

Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blogspot.com

Jemma said...

Hi Linda!
Enter Me! Oh my you found wonderful goodies-I am partial to the turquoise bottle:) Of course everything is wonderful and how sweet that Kathy gave you the chenille pillow!
Happy Hugs,

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh what fun to go to that yard sale! You found some great things, but the HA Moderntone is my favorite! I collect it and just love it.

Thanks for co-hosting TTF! Please enter me.

:) Pam

freddieq said...

Thanks for the sweet giveaway.

Diane said...

Fun finds! I remember those jars with the toppers around in the early 70s; they're pretty!

Catherine Kukec said...

These are some great finds! I enjoy following your posts so much. Can you please ENTER ME into the drawing?


Cathie Kukec

Anonymous said...

Just found your fun blog. I love thrifting! I'm going to sign up for updates as soon as I finish this entry......"Enter Me".....please ;)

Jann Olson said...

Oh Linda, I dream of going to the worlds longest yard sale some day. Hubby said, may next year. I love the pink Hazel Atlas and the table has such sweet curves. the pillow is darling and I will be looking for a chenille spread. I have some scraps of pink and yellow chenille. May try making a colored one. Please 'Enter Me' in your fun give away. I am happy to say that I am a follower too. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Apple of His Eye said...

Hi Linda
I just signed up to follow your blog! I adore your treasures.
Loving that floral plate as part of the giveaway.

Please ENTER ME! Lol