Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Move & Other Stuff

The move!  It is done! 
Mom is now living next door in a mountain of boxes but she is here! We both love it.
Saturday the big items were moved and the rain held off so we were so thankful.
Instead of photos of lots and lots of boxes I'm throwing in some photos of the flowers in Mom's front planting bed!
Sara & Blake worked really hard and got it done.
Sara is still working (today is her last day before summer break) and so is Blake so they had to finish around their work schedules
My main job during the move was babysitting!
Lots of playing and some TV time!
Tiger helped on Saturday and earned some money
He is saving up to buy this kayak
He has had some 'matching funds',
 so he is getting close to his goal. 

Meanwhile this little gal kept me on my toes!
A whirlwind of energy she almost never stops
I was quick with the camera on this one before she took off again.  Once Scout started walking she has not stopped!
Today we will go do a final walk through of the apt and turn in the keys.  A trip to WalMart for some supplies and back home to the boxes! 
Today is also a special day
This girl is coming home to Georgia for a few days!  I haven't seen her since December and her Mama misses her so much!! 
If you don't hear from me for awhile, just know I'm unpacking boxes! 

Wishing you JOY,


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rainy Days!

Rain, Rain, Rain!
Normally the rain makes me happy, but we are planning on moving Mom on Saturday and it's suppose to RAIN!
My indoor plants are looking good!
Hung this on a crook outside my front window.  So pretty and I love seeing it from inside.  Hummingbirds have visited also.
My friend and neighbor Donna, bought me a knock out Rose and even planted it for me! 
Now THAT is a friend!
She has a beautiful garden and I'd show you some photos, but it's raining!

I found this pretty McCoy vase on Ebay and no one bid on it but me!  I got it for $10 including postage.
I have this same vase in green, but love this soft peachy/pink.  
My little Welcome bird says Hi!

Mr. Toes is setteling in nicely.  Carter came to visit for a few days while the hardwood floors were being redone at his house.  It was a great visit.

The Grands are doing well, but lots of colds this spring.  We are in the last days of school and ready for summer break!

I'm waiting for the installer for Direct TV
I'm giving satellite a chance! 
Keeping my internet as is.
Hoping it all goes well.

Yep, it's still raining!

Wishing you JOY,

Saturday, May 7, 2016

It's Saturday!

It has been a long week as I got sick once again! 
I guess it was just a little cold and I'm already feeling better, but my voice which was almost back to normal got hoarse again.  
Mr Toes and I got some rest!

I have a few thrifty finds to share with you.
I've always loved clear glass and these little items will be useful.  The divided dish was .99, the refrigerator dish (no lid) was .50 and the orphan salt shaker was .25
Goodwill had this little cupcake plate for .77 and the bird salt shaker for my orphan collection for $1.21
This shaker had the oddest holes in it around the bottom which makes me think it's not a salt shaker?  Guesses anyone? It is adorable anyway! 
I also found this cute Roseville pottery dog bowl for .99, yes I wish it was a kitty bowl, maybe next time! 
Mom and I had a Mother's Day Lunch yesterday.  The complex she lives in has this each year.  It was fun and had a Derby Day theme.  We all wore hats.
No photos, sorry!  LOL! 

Today I hope to get some house cleaning done and get ready to enjoy Mother's Day tomorrow.

Wishing you all a Joyful weekend.


Monday, May 2, 2016

My House Guest and A Bit Of News

I have a house guest! 
This sweet guy is Mr Toes!
He belongs to my friend Carter and lives in Lithia Springs, GA.  Carter is trying to sell his house and so asked if Mr Toes could come and stay with me for awhile and of course I said yes! 
He has been hiding a lot as he adjusts to his new temporary home.  I'll be sharing more photos of him soon! 
(Edited to add that my friend Carter kept Charlie for 5 months when I was moving my Mom, so I really do owe him and I love Mr. Toes)

And the Bit of News??
My Mom will be moving into the other side of my duplex by the end of May!  
We are so happy and excited! 
My previous neighbors bought a house and moved out this weekend.  We had been waiting for them to close on the house before making plans.
It will be wonderful to have her right next door!
Close but we will both have our separate spaces!
I will continue to live in the 2 bdrm on the right and Mom will live in the 3 bdrm on the left.  I know she will enjoy having more room to set up her sewing room and have a guest room also. 

So I see a really busy month for sure! 

Wishing you JOY,