Welcome!  If you are new to my blog I want to share a little of my story with you and how I started blogging.  Back in 2008 I decided to start a blog to share with my family.  I only posted a few times but enjoyed it.  My boyfriend and I bought a house and moved in May 2009 so I could be closer to my job.  Two months later I was 'downsized'.  To say I was in shock is an understatement.  It was during the highest levels of unemployment and being 59 years old I found my prospects weren't very good,  I felt like I would have trouble finding a new job and I did.  I finally called myself retired!  With not much to do, I decided to start blogging about my interests.  I love to find thrifty finds and collect vintage items.  I discovered blogland and have never looked back. 
Why "A La Carte" as my blog name? to me it means picking and choosing what you want and not being set on one thing(like on a menu).  I have learned so much from blogging, made so many new friends and found a way to record bits of my life.
I am single now and live alone in Athens, GA so I can be near my Grands.  I have two daughters and one son in law.
My Mother also lives here in Athens, along with my daughter Sara, SIL Blake and my Grandson Tiger and my new Grandgirl Rosemary Scout.
My oldest daughter lives in Calif and works for Google.  We have had some great adventures together and she gave me a trip to Paris and fulfilled a dream of a lifetime.
I still thrift but not as much as I use too.  My newest collections are pottery and flower frogs!
I hope you will explore my blog and find something you like!


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