Friday, September 23, 2016

Thrifty Friday Finds

One afternoon I stopped at a thrift shop just to know how that goes.  I wasn't really finding much until one aisle had all these goodies. 
This pretty cobalt blue depression glass bowl was .79
This made in Japan planter features another donkey and since Donna told me never leave one behind, I now have two.  One more and it's a collection! 
Again only .79
(do you see a pattern here?)

This next find made me so happy!
So excited to find these fan shaped bookend planters in mint green!  I bought a set in pink not long ago at a vintage shop, and paid way more then the .79 each these were marked!  Good find!!

Things have been busy around here but I was able to spend some time with the Grands.  Tiger is enjoying Kindergarten and playing Soccer at the YMCA.  Scout is growing like a weed, saying more words daily and is one of the happiest little one's I've ever seen! 
They are so much alike but also so very different!  I love them both so much!

I'm excited to say I've just planned a trip to Calif to see my daughter.  I miss her and since she won't be able to come East until Christmas, well this Mama is going West!  We were able to book my flights using a combo of her airline miles rewards and mine!  

Next week I'll share the treasures I found at that really junky antique shop and the great thrift stores I found on the road trip. 

Wishing you JOY,


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Thrifty Friday On Saturday!

I didn't thrift shop much last week but I did find some thrifty frames!
Michael's had frames for 70% off so I went and found a frame for the watercolor of Charlie!
I love the color of the frame, it is perfect for this watercolor.  I was thinking white or black but this frame is just right! $6

While shopping I decided to finally buy a frame for a large photo of a Paris flower market I took 3 years ago on my trip to Paris.  
Sorry for the glare from the glass but I'm so excited to have this framed.  I'll hang it in my bedroom.  frame $10

On a junkin road trip yesterday I stopped at this filled to the brim antique/junk store! 
Diggers come on in!  I had a great time and found a couple of treasures which I will share soon! 

I haven't seen the Grands in a week so I'm off to spend some time with them today! 

Wishing you JOY,


Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Finds and Some Gifts!!

I'm back again and doing another Friday Finds post.  I'm also going to share some really special gifts I've received!

It has been almost too hot to thrift shop!
At my cheap thrift store I found this pink baking dish that matches some other little custard cups I have!  $1
The little cordial glass was .50 and matches another one I have.  When we set a special holiday meal with wine I use these glasses for the Grands (they get grape juice or sprite).  So nice to have another one of these.
The bell was also .50 and I just wanted it!  I imagine the next time Tiger comes to visit I might be sorry!
I found this very chipped but oh so cute early McCoy pottery planter and since it will fit in the cubbies I just had to have it.  
"paid too much" 
My favorite finds this week!  I stopped at the Habitat for Humanity and found nothing and was heading out the door when these two cuties caught my eye.  They were up by the cash register.  So for $3 total I knew they were bargains!
The flower with the bird in Royal Copley and I have a few similar pieces I need to research.  The orphan salt shaker joins that collection.

Now for the gifts!
Three years ago I was in Paris!
Enjoying my dream of a lifetime trip! 
Everyone knows my love of all things Paris and especially the Eiffel Tower.
Recently one of my friends gave me these salt & pepper shakers.
They are so cute!  Thank you Brandy!

This is my chromebook that I love (a gift from my daughter Ashleigh) and a new PINK mouse!  My Mom bought me the mouse when my old one stopped working and I was complaining about how hard it was to edit photos without one!  I love it and it's cordless! 

But my best gift by far came from my dear friend Claudia.  We both lost our beloved furry children at the beginning of 2016.  One of Claudia's readers, Shanna does beautiful watercolors and gifted Claudia with a picture of her wonderful dog Scout.  I've longed for a watercolor of Charlie and this week thanks to Claudia and Shanna I have one!
I can't wait to get it framed and on my wall.  Thank you both for this most precious gift! 

Wishing you JOY,


Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Finds!

I'm hoping to start a weekly post on Friday with my thrifty finds.  Several of my blogging friends do this and so I hope to join in! 

From the trip to the mountains a few weeks ago, we stopped at a couple of Vintage Malls and of course I looked for bargains!
These Flamingo S&P's jumped into my hands.  "as is" but well worth the $2 price tag.  I am always excited to add something to the vintage Flamingo collection!
Another booth had 75% off and I found two things there.  This cute Moss Rose creamer for .50
and this little dish in the Moonstone Hobnail pattern was $1.50! 
Great for holding earrings on my dresser or serving pickles and olives...both good options! 
On the way home we found one last Vintage Mall and these sweet pink ceramic dutch shoes called to me! 
They will go on the new shelf in the bedroom once I get it painted. My pink pottery collection continues to grow!

That's it for this week's Friday Finds.

Wishing you JOY,