Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Finally Finished!

As June is coming to a close, I'm finally finished celebrating my birthday!  I think I've milked it as long as I can this time!  
Last week the my friend Sue @Rue Mouffetard hosted a birthday party for myself and Denise (the other June birthday in our group)
She greeted us with this array of appetizers! 
Oh my goodness!
  I can't begin to tell you how good it all was! 
All homemade by Sue!
The table was set with the cutest bird theme!
Vintage china from her mother-in-law.  She used the greens and purples of the cute little bird boxes she found and filled with Madeleine's for each of us.
Purple Ball Jars with candles
Lunch was Croque Monsieur and oh my was it good!!  Ham and cheese gone wild! 
A fresh salad with orange poppy seed dressing.
Not much left on any of our plates! 

Sandie (Chatty Crone), Maureen (Sue's neighbor and fantastic artist), Me and the other birthday girl Denise!  
Rose and our hostess Sue 
Dessert!  Amazing Strawberry Cake!

We couldn't leave Sue's without taking a closer look at her new car
Yes, this is a Ferrari!  As close as I'll get to one I'm sure.  
It is gorgeous!
Here we are with Sue's husband, 'The Boss' as she calls him.  He is a hoot and we always enjoy his company!

Of course there were presents!
Guess which bag is for me??
You can never have too many note cards, especially if they have the Eiffel Tower on them
(do my friends know me or what)
Sue gave me this cute creamer with a pink bird on the handle and this wonderful kitchen towel
Already hanging in the kitchen! 
Sandie gave me this cute it! 
Denise gave me a Starbucks gift card...I can't wait for some yummy iced coffee soon!
Denise and I look forward to this party at Sue's each year!   
Thank you Sue!  You rock my friend!

Now a few gifts I bought for myself in the new category (as opposed to thrifty finds)
This awesome tote was found at WalMart for $10 I love it and have used it several times already
I found this fun summer purse at Marshall's
I love it!  Lots of pockets and such a fun color!
Some new clothes and a new pair of shoes and I am a very happy Birthday girl! 

Thanks for joining me in my June birthday celebrations and yes they are Finally done.
Wishing you JOY,


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Everything is coming up Roses...

I wanted to share my gardens with you today.
In truth, most of these flowers are my neighbors.
My duplex neighbor and then the next duplex over where my friend Donna lives.
Here are some Roses!  
A sweet rosebud!
I love roses, they are my birth month (June) flower
Not sure what these are but they are gorgeous!
Pink Hibiscus, so pretty!
All of these are my duplex neighbors and I see them when I come out my front door.

Now to Donna's garden!
Donna has made a gorgeous garden this year in front of her duplex!  With a little patio area to sit and chat in the evenings.
Bright Yellow
and Hot Pink Gerber Daisy's
So many pinks
She has amazing hanging baskets and Hummingbird feeders.
I am lucky to be able to enjoy this garden with my friend!

Now to my few little flowers!  I am hoping to add additional plants, but it's a process for me!
I planted a few flowers in containers so I could see them from my front window
I see my garden hose made the photo op! 
A little birdie hides in there waiting for some flowers to bloom!
I bought these on clearance at Lowe's and they seem to be doing well.  I will buy more soon and my neighbor will help me plant them in the front planting bed.  He removed some dead boxwoods from there for me.  
I love this bird bath with the dragonfly.  I try to add water to it everyday when I water my plants.
This stump is outside my front door and I love the Hen and Chicks in this planter!  They can take the heat of a Georgia summer for sure.

So that's my garden and boy am I lucky to have neighbors who love plants! 
I'm sharing this at Alphabe-Thur and the letter E for Everything! 

Wishing you JOY, 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thrifty Birthday Finds!

I love vintage and thrifty things!  
As I shopped this month I found some birthday gifts for myself!
I love vintage pottery planters and this one is super sweet!  I love the larger size and the green glaze.  Found at Habitat for Humanity it was $1
I have this great collection of Avon bunny items and these two plates were a great find.  I have one already so this makes three!  Each plate was .77 and a super bargain!
I found this transferware egg cup at my local thrift shop.  It was $2 and I couldn't wait to scoop it up.
Made in England it is a great addition for my collection.
Books always make me happy.  The vintage children's book was .25 and the novel was .50
Another red plaid thermos for my small collection and only $1
Not vintage, but these IKEA bowls are perfect for Grandchildren snacks and for .50 came home with me!
I had to have this cute little jar!  I found it at GW for .89 (has a Target tag) and I will add I love??? why Paris of course!

I've been having a great Birthday Month! 
I have some new Birthday gifts to share soon.
Tiger did make me a cake!  It was yummy!
I love carrot cake, so that is what he made.  After taking a bite, he said "Grandma, I don't like this cake but I am happy you like it" now that's a good kiddo.  He loves carrots, so I think it was spice cake part he didn't care for.  I'll pick chocolate next year! 

Tomorrow I join my crazy Atlanta Blogger friends for a fun Birthday Lunch at Sue's (links to the party in 2013 and you really should take a look).  I share a June birthday with Denise so she and I will be the Birthday girls.  It will be a blast I can guarantee it!

Wishing you Joy,


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Art Project Weeks 20,21 & 22

I am still doing the Art Project and enjoying it.
I found myself getting far behind but caught up on all the weeks in May.

May Challenge
Touchy Feely (Texture)

Week 20
Art Challenge: Modeling Paste
Journal Prompt: Rising to the Occasion

Modeling paste is expensive but they gave us recipes to make homemade, which is what I did.
Baking soda, glue, paint and water
Then I used a stencil and put it on the page with a plastic knife
It dried pretty quickly and was a bit chalky but still lots of texture
I wanted to spray some paint, so put a few drops of color in a spray bottle and watered it down
It worked great!
I used pink and a purple.  Added hot pink arrows and my journal entry was 'Rise Up To Your Life'
I sprayed it with Hairspray to hopefully set the paste.

Week 21
Art Prompt: Cheesecloth
Journal Prompt:  Say Cheese
I didn't have cheese cloth but instead used a gauze bandage I had and spray painted it green.
I used the pink spray paint again and then sponged paint on the page using a new stencil I bought.  I really like the shape of this flower.
I used the green gauze as leaves shaping it with mod podge.  
I added a smiling photo of my daughter Sara and 'Say Cheese' was done!

Week 22
Art Challenge: Textured Paper
Journal Prompt:  I'm So Not Feeling It

This was a fun page for me!  I started with some gorgeous handmade paper with leaves in it for some really good texture.  Then I layered different kinds of paper and dictionary page pieces, mod podging as I went along.
I also had some washi tape and brown paper I added
My finished page! 

I enjoyed May's pages very much! 
On to the June Challenges!

Wishing you JOY,


The Documented Life Project can be found