Saturday, December 31, 2016


I ended last year with the sad passing of my brother.  
I was hoping for a better 2016,
 but it wasn't to be.

February 6, 2016 I lost my sweet Charlie.
That along with the loss of my brother sent me into a depression that has taken a good while to come out of.  With my immune system down I got sick and for months didn't seem to be able to get well.  It was a hard time.
But great friends to the rescue...
These gals came over and gave me a pity party which cheered me up so much! 
The love of friends is amazing.

May was crazy but we moved my Mom from her Independent living apt to the duplex next to mine and it was great!
I love having her next door and being able to spend more time with her.  She is much happier here, this feels more like a home to her!
June arrives!
Birthday month!
Fun right? Not!!
Just as I'm getting 'well' and feeling 'better' I have acute pancreatitis and gallbladder surgery.
I think will the good times return ever?
The summer passes in a blur of unpacking and setteling Mom in.  Time with the Grands and of course some junkin!  Then my friend Carter sells his house and moves in with Mr. Toes his cat until he can find a new house.

What is expected to take a couple of months max turns into several months.  In fact he just moved out a few weeks ago.  He is a great friend and I was glad he had somewhere to stay while he house hunted.
So during times of loss, stress, depression and worrying about my children, I did what I often do and that is shop.  Thrift shop, junk shop and find treasures.  Not spending a lot of money but buying stuff.  To fill up my life?  my home?  my broken heart? 
Now that Carter has moved out I realize my home has once again become stuffed to the gills with stuff!  It's time to make some changes in 2017!

The best things about 2016?
The Grands of course.  They are the light of my life and watching them grow and be a part of it all just makes me the happiest Grandma ever!
They are ending 2016 with some time on the family farm in South Georgia!

I also found this sweet girl 
She has helped heal my heart! 
This year I also got more involved in my church.  Joining a Women's Bible study has strengthened me.  I've made new friends and that has filled my life also.

I don't make resolutions but do set some goals and here they are for 2017!

*Get the Clutter out of my Home!!

*Take better care of myself, which includes eating healthier and getting more exercise.  I'm not getting any younger!

*Take time to enjoy special moments with my Mom, my children and my grands!

*Blog more!

*Pray more!

*Enjoy Life More!!

I still choose JOY!

Happy New Year to all!


Monday, December 26, 2016

I Made It!

I made it through Christmas Day! 
This head cold has now settled in my throat and as of this morning, no voice!
But yesterday, what a fun time we had!
It started like this!
And ended like this!
The in between was chaotic but fun!
So many gifts!
Scout got blankets and a 'cell phone' that is in her hand (it's blue).  She would put it down to open another gift then go find it!
Her Minnie Mouse Sofa
(and Cheetos, this girl loves them)
A new purse with hair brush and other fun things.  Dolls, books and so many fun things I can't remember them all!
Last year she was such a baby but this year she got right into it!
Tiger was so excited!  He loves 'Thunderbirds' a British TV series from the 60's that he and his Dad watch on Netflix or Amazon.  It is about the Tracy family and the International Rescue's they do. They live on Tracy Island and this toy on Amazon was selling for as high as $200 but my smart Son In Law watched it and this past summer scored it for $30. (I just checked Amazon and today it's selling for $130). It was the highlight of Tiger's Christmas.
 He already had many of the space ships, characters and other things so this was just the best gift.  He also got PJ's, video episodes of the series and more space ships!
I got him a globe and a beginners Atlas that he will enjoy.  He is very curious about the world and always wanting to know where something is.  He also got clothes, hiking boots, a hiking stick, books and a marble maze.

I know we gave them a lot this year but my soul cried out for big Christmas
 and so it was! 
We had a breakfast of pigs in a blanket
That was enjoyed by all!
After Breakfast I went home to rest!
The Grands played with toys and then Scout took a nap.
Sara prepared the best meal and my Mom and I returned to enjoy it with them.
As hard as this Christmas was in many ways, it was also filled with Joy, Love and Laughter.  I am so blessed with this amazing family.

Wishing you JOY,


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve!!

This has been a crazy December for me!
Busy with church activities and babysitting the Grands.  Helping my friend Carter move and trying to clean and rearrange my home.
All came to a halt when the dreaded Christmas Cold hit me.  Runny nose, sore throat and aches.  I'm a bit better but since Christmas waits for no man (or woman) I've been trying to power through.  I've not been able to get as much done as I had hoped but Christmas will arrive tomorrow and it will be perfectly imperfect!
My tree this year.  Set up on the dining room table and so far Miss Annie has not touched it.  I may try moving it back in front of a window next year but we will see.  I've enjoyed the bubble lights this year. 
A shopping mouse with an Eiffel Tower bottle of yummy cocoa sits under the tree also.
My newest Nativity is itty bitty but so cute!  
(I see the sheep fell over) 
Only filled one cubby this year with vintage Christmas but my Angels and Elfs are happy to be out and celebrating!
The Christmas birds joined by an Angel and a new Elf planter.  What a mish mash this year!
On the same shelf is a canvas the church choir director gave us with 'Then Sings My Soul' on it from the Christmas Music Program we presented.  NO I didn't sing, I narrated! 
(Believe me that's a good thing)
A little vignette to remember my brother this year.  I've kept the candle lit since Dec 23rd his flying away day.
This is the ornament I bought last year to add to my tree this year in remembrance of my brother Richard.
More little vignettes and I found my first hairpin flower frog at a thrift shop!
More things added to the new shelf!
Santa is holding my new Maileg Brother and Sister Mice...guess who they are?
Tiger & Scout of course!
Annie Belle got a new stocking for her first Christmas here.  It has toys in it already and her first 'nip'!
I found this cute little cat ornament at a thrift shop and it's perfect for Annie!
She is such a pretty girl.  I'm so glad she is here and living in her fur-ever home!
The Tabb Family 
Santa came by our Christmas lunch and visited the children!  We had such a great time with our church family.
Wishing you all a
 Very Merry Christmas!

I'll be going over in the morning to watch the Grands open presents.  Then return with my Mom later for a large family dinner.  Tonight is Christmas Eve candlelight service.  I am so blessed.
Thank you for being my readers and my friends.

Wishing you JOY


Friday, December 16, 2016

More Thrifty Christmas!

I didn't think I would find much more in the way of Christmas items at the thrift shop, but I was wrong!
My best find was this awesome red shelf for $4.50!  It goes with a chippy red bookcase in my kitchen.  I know the shelf should be hung, but upside down it works on the bookcase!
A great place for some of my vintage small items along with my Kitchen Santa!
Not all of these items are Christmas, but all found the last couple of days thrifting!
Two 'baby Jesus' and two Angels!
My friend Donna collects these baby Jesus's and so these are for her.  I went to Augusta, GA to meet her for lunch and shopping and lots of these items were found with her. Nothing over .25 was paid for each of these sweet things!
The little miniature creamer had a cat on it so I had to have it.  The Santa boot, well like I said .25 and home it came!
I found both of these Nativities yesterday at the Habitat for Humanity. 
Adding to my small but growing collection.  Paid $1.25 for both.
My blog friend Claudia calls me the 'mini whisperer' since I have the best luck in finding miniature pottery at the thrifts.
Each of these was only .25
I think the two white pieces are Shawnee, but the Blue is not.

I want to share this photo of my Maileg pixies.  I ordered them last year when they went on a great sale that my friend Carol (Art & Sand) told me about.  Then I was gone for Christmas but they did arrive and so this year they are celebrating with me.  I put them in the old high chair that was my Mother's.  All her siblings sat in it, I sat in it and most of my cousins did also.  Both of my girls used it and now both of my Grands have used it.  A family treasure!

I'm helping my friend Carter get moved into his new home.  He has been staying here for 4 months while looking for a house to purchase.  We have been a bit crowded in this small 2 bedroom place (along with 2 cats), but I'm glad I could help him out while he searched.

Christmas will be here before you know it, so take some time to enjoy the season, family, friends and celebrate the love of God.

Wishing you JOY,