Monday, August 25, 2014

The Need For Change

My life has been a little crazy the last six months or so!  Mom getting sick and the decision to finally move her closer to me in Georgia.  The packing and purging and moving was sooooooo hard.
Settling Mom into her new apt and finding a place for everything we brought back from Texas.
Many things ended up in my spare bedroom
Beside the piles of my things I moved here a year ago that I'm still going through, I'm now going through lots of things I brought back from Mom's.  It's a mess!
But it's time for a change!
This is my dish closet but I know I have to downsize it.  I don't want to get rid of all my dishes since I still enjoy tablescaping, but I am editing my dishes to basics and a few themed items
Such an eclectic mix of things.  I've already started donating items I won't use again or that I like but don't LOVE!  I  have to downsize!
Several boxes of dishes have already departed my home.   I have much more to donate.
This is my goal for the next 5 months!
Donate, donate, donate!!!
I need my home to be less cluttered so I can really relax and enjoy it.  I love things!  But too many and it's not the calm oasis I want my home to be.  I've seen a new trend towards enjoying smaller spaces, simpler homes, simpler lives....I want that.
So look for more posts on downsizing and letting go!  
Charlie agrees!
as long as I don't downsize him! 

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Wishing you JOY,


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vintage Junkin With Kathe

Kathe and I had to stop and shop at an Antique Mall while I was in Colorado
Here are some photos of things we saw
All this enamel ware was pretty impressive but would be sort of hard to fit in my suitcase
Pyrex is always wonderful, but I have enough in my collection but I must say I love that rack.  Again too hard to take home.
Kathe and I both loved this stack of vintage suitcases
 but I'll have to  look for some here in Georgia
This piece dresser with the vintage yard sticks was so cool...but too big to get home
Loved this little chest but decided not to buy!
So what did I buy??
All of this (not the green planter) for under $20
This gravy boat is so pretty and it's French!
Two side is Maigre (lean)
One side Gras (fat) 
A perfect addition to my Paris collection
and only $4
This sweet little egg cup with a Moss Rose on it was only $ has a minor crack at the top but it's a wonderful addition to my collection!
These adorable S&P shakers with the red tops were only $2 and I love them
These sweet little bowls were a perfect Colorado keepsake...why?
Made by Coors Rock-Mount Pottery they are just a great vintage souvenir of my trip to CO and only cost $3 total

But my favorite find might be this 
This pink pottery vase made me actually gasp!
I love my growing collection of pink pottery and this is the perfect addition
No markings but looks to be FAPCO or 
Fredericksburg Art Pottery Co made in Ohio
I have a few other pieces made by them and for $6 this just made me so happy!

 These aren't vintage but so cute for Christmas and for $2 just jumped in my basket!

So that's what I bought!  Everything got home safely and I love it all.  I missed the World's Longest Yard Sale this year since I was in CO, but this made up for it completely. was so fun junkin with my BBF (Best Blogging Friend)

Kathe found two treasures but I didn't get pics of them.  
Hopefully she will share with you soon!

I'm joining these parties

Wishing you JOY,


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Meeting Kathe with and E!!

I arrived in Colorado and was so excited to meet Kathe!  
We talked nonstop for 3 days! 
I loved meeting Mr B also!
Yummy Food!
Colorado and Beer go together

The next day Kathe and I took a trip to Colorado Springs and The Garden of the Gods
Colorado is Gorgeous!
We didn't do any hiking as the air is so thin, and yes it can be hard to breathe!
It was also a little hazy, but the views were still amazing
I was excited to be there!

After leaving the Garden of the Gods we decided to stop at a HUGE Antique Mall
We spent several hours there and only saw about half of the place.  Both of us found a few treasures!
I got some great bargains and added to a couple of my collections! 

My blogging sister I miss you already!

Wishing you JOY, 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's Been A Good Week!

I've been so glad that I am here in Cali with my daughter.  She had her wisdom teeth out last week and since she is no longer a teenager, it's been pretty painful.  I am so glad she is doing well and healing.  We've had quiet days with me taking care of her and enjoying some quiet time myself.
We did go to a local nursery where Ashleigh picked out some new plants for her back patio
I love these but they weren't Ashleigh's choice
She picked up a hanging basket of Fuchsia's
to go with one she already had
They are so pretty
This plant has such pretty flowers
 A deep blue-purple, it looks great in her yard.

Yesterday I had the chance to meet a blog friend for lunch!  Betsy of My Salvaged Treasures and I have been online friends for several years and have been planning to meet sometime when I came to Cali to visit Ashleigh.  This time our schedules worked out and we had lunch...A 3 1/2 hour lunch!
We talked and talked and could have gone on and on but Betsy had to get back home.
I hope our smiles say it all! 
Thank you Betsy for driving down to meet me, the sweet gifts and especially your friendship! 

Back home all is well.  Sara is back to work and the kids started back to school this week.
Tiger had his first day of 3 yr old pre-school
He will be going to the Montessori school Waseca this year and we are all so excited for him!
Before school Tiger had some end of summer adventures
Wading in the river is always fun
Tiger is such an outdoor kid
Don't you love his new boots!  This is Tiger Warrior!  Can't wait to see him next week and hear all about school!

Tomorrow I leave but guess what?
I'm stopping in Denver for a long weekend with my friend Kathe!  So excited and you know there will be photos! 

Wishing You JOY,


Friday, August 1, 2014

'The Island' and other happenings!

I finished reading 'The Island' by Elin Hilderbrand right before leaving on my vacation.

I enjoyed this book set on Tuckernuk Island off the coast of Nantucket.  It is not my favorite book by this author but still an enjoyable read.  I like the sister relationship (two generations) and the island is an interesting location, primitive and isolated.  As Elin Hildebrand does so well, it's told from the perspective of many characters and it does move the plot along pretty well albeit sometimes a little slowly.  I would recommend this book to fans of this author and those who like 'relationship' stories.

I am in Cali and my daughter had her wisdom teeth out yesterday.  It was a hard day but she is doing much better today.  The weather is gorgeous here but they are in the middle of a drought and need rain so badly.  I arrived Tuesday evening and guess what???  My luggage didn't make the transfer of planes with me in LA.  I had to laugh (for those of you who don't know my luggage was lost going and returning from Paris last year).  I must say that SouthWest was very helpful and called me that night that it was at the airport and could be delivered the next day or I could pick it up and they would give me a $50 voucher.  Ashleigh lives close to the airport so we picked it up.  Not much else going on right now.   Just enjoying time with my girl!  

Wishing you JOY,