Thursday, December 31, 2009


In April Carter and I bought a home together.  This 1969 Brick Ranch....It was the best Thrifty find of 2009!
We fell in love with this home on  first sight.  It was in foreclosure and at a price we could not resist.  Our offer was accepted and we closed on May 1st.  We got a 15 year mortgage at 4.25% (no points!).  We were thrilled and spent our first night in the house in sleeping bags!  Moved the bed and essentials the next day!  It was closer to my job (15 minutes as opposed to 1hr) so it was perfect. It is in a quiet older neighborhood with lots of trees.  Close to a state park and shopping.   A three bedroom, 2 bath home.  Living/Dining room, den with fireplace, remolded kitchen, laundry room and two (count them) screened porches. A full finished basement so lots of storage. 

Here is the house in the spring with dogwood's blooming and lots of grass that needs cutting.
This is a view of the back with the deck and screened porch.  It needs some yard work but has great bones!

One last photo of the house from the street view....

I love this house and I'm so happy to be here.  We have many projects yet to be completed but we have had a lot of set backs.  We were in the house 3 months when I lost my job.  Layoffs....what a stunning blow.  We are so lucky that we were able to buy this home at such a good price,  I could not afford to rent cheaper then our house payment and our utilities are reasonable.  So this is my thrifty find of 2009.

I hope in 2010 to show you more of my home as projects get completed and decorating gets done.  The house has beautiful hardwood floors, wonderful 60's tiled bathrooms and so much potential.   I haven't owned a home in a long time and this is one I can live in for years and years.

I am so happy to have discovered this blogging community and so many new friends! I love the sharing of thrifty finds, recipes, tablescapping, our ups and downs and so much more.  I thank each and every one of you who has visited by blog, left a comment (so much encouragement) and become follwers.  I lift my glass to toast all of you.....To Friendship!



Monday, December 28, 2009


Saturday started with a flurry of activity for me. I cleaned house, made sure the guest room was ready and that my meal plans were completed. I made a last minute trip to the grocery store for a few more items. Home Depot for one more gift and back home to wrap presents and start dinner.

Why all this activity you ask? My children were coming for to many of you that may not seem like a big event, but for me it was. I've not had all my children over for a meal (and a Holiday meal at that) for a long time. Don't get me wrong I see my children often and I get together with all three of them on occasion, but a holiday meal at my home has not happened for several years. I set the table with care, planned a wonderful meal and the children arrived with hugs and kisses and all was well. Here is a photo of the table.

I have three children, two daughters and a son-in-law. I love all my kids so very much. They are great people and I'm so proud of them. Ashleigh brought wine and brownies (oh yum). We had ham, broccoli, corn casserole, rolls and olives (a must have for my youngest daughter). Most importantly we had love, laughter and friendship at this table.

So the two photos you see above, that's it folks! I was so in the 'moment' of this night that I did not take another photo. Those moments will forever be in my heart. After dinner, we went and opened presents and laughed and enjoyed. I had thrifted a good many of the gifts for Sara and Blake (my youngest daughter and her hubby) and they enjoyed those very much. A couple of Etsy gifts for Sara and a special 40 year old diamond necklace I passed down to her. She loved it. The necklace is so delicate and pretty just like my baby girl. It was given to me 40 years ago by a very special boy friend and it was perfect for Sara. It made my night when she told me thank you and whispered Mama this is so special.

Sara, Blake and Ashleigh all spoke about my Blog and how they are happy I have found an outlet for my creativity and a connection to others. Since losing my job I've been somewhat 'lost' and this has made a huge difference in my life. Sara and Blake gave me a book on Fiesta Ware to help me in my searches for more vintage items.

Ashleigh does not celebrate Christmas and we all respect her wishes. She did enjoy being with us and sharing our joy in gift giving. I give and receive gifts from Ashleigh through out the year and they are gifts of love but with no special 'forced' occasion and that works for us.

We laughed, talked about the future...Blake is working on his BA degree and doing well, a B+ average this last semester. Ash is getting her degree online while she continues her full time job. She works for Google and is one smart cookie. Sara has her Masters and is a speech pathologist working with deaf and hard of hearing children. Grandchildren were discussed but no set date for them yet, Blake must finish school. We discussed my loss of work and what the future might hold for me. They were very encouraging my children, and I know they are there for me if I need them. We reminisced about the past and growing up in a small South Georgia town. I watched my children interact as adults and while they often have little in common(they are as different as night and day) they have great love and respect for each other and find shared interests.

It was a night filled with love and pride for me. I see caring compassionate people who have grown into adults I'm proud of. I see the love my daughter and her husband have for each other, the friendship they have that will carry them through the rough times and the faith that is the core of it all. I see my oldest daughter and her growth as a woman and finding her own way in this world. She is one of the strongest people I know! I also feel the love of these three for me. So the best Christmas present in the world was Saturday night with my children. I am blessed!


Friday, December 25, 2009


We had a wonderful day....Quiet and Peaceful...Time to Reflect...

Christmas has the innocence of children...

Then fun of Santa Clause....

Tress that glitter and glow and sometimes just ring bells....

But always the reason we celebrate....The Birth of Jesus!

Tomorrow my children arrive and we will have our celebration! I am looking forward to having all three of them here with me. Blessings to you all!


Thursday, December 24, 2009


Welcome to my home for Christmas Eve.....

I set this table with a set of dishes I found at the Thrift store still in the box. Staffordshire Engravings Yuletide pattern in red. So pretty and festive, $20 for a place setting for four.

The red color on the plates is a pinkish shade and so I've used deep red/burgundy color for the place mats and centerpiece.

The gold and deep red pop on the table.

I found three of these wine glasses at a Antique Mall for $8! I will find that 4th glass I'm sure of it, meanwhile they go perfectly with this table.

The gold mesh ornaments were also found at a thrift shop and the dark berry ornaments are from Big Lots on sale!

The silverware was a wedding gift to my parents over 50 years ago. My Mom has passed it on to me and I treasure it.

This little dish was also found at the Antique Mall, love the shape and color.

I keep thinking something is missing from this tablescape, but can't put my finger on it. So any ideas will be appreciated. Maybe a white tablecloth over the table would help? Meanwhile I will use this tonight and then tomorrow set my table for Christmas Day.

I do love these colors and the shine of the gold ornaments and beads.

Have a great Christmas Eve!


Monday, December 21, 2009


Welcome! I am joining Susan at thoughtsfromovertherainbow for DECK THE HALLS.

This wall is by the front door and I keep all sorts of special things in the cubbies...of course right now they have Christmas cuties, most of them vintage. I've showed several of the items in the cubbies during Vintage Christmas Mondays. The plates were a thrift shop find a few years ago. The cute bell tree was bought at Cracker Barrel some years ago. It sat on my desk at work each Christmas until this one.

I put a 4 ft tree in my TV/Computer room. I decided this year to put my 'Cat' ornaments on it.

This first one is new this year. I used one of my $5 Hallmark coupons and paid a $1 for it.

I have been collecting Hallmark ornaments for several years. I have 19 years of PUPPY LOVE ornaments. I have 5 years of CAT NAPS ornaments and 11 years of MISCHIEVOUS KITTENS.
Puppy Love and Mischievous Kittens are current series and I got both of the 2009 ornaments using $5 coupons (nice). I no longer have the dog that started the Puppy Love collection (he has passed on) but I hate to quit...I'm hoping next year will be the last year, that would be 20 ornaments. I will pass these onto my daughter one of these days.

Meanwhile back to the cats....I have many other ornaments from friends who know I love my fur baby. Here are a few of my favorite of the Hallmark series.

Whoops got the back side of this guy......

This one (above) is the 2009 Mischievous Kittens ornament. Very cute each and every one of them. I have really enjoyed collecting these cat/kitten ornaments. They make me smile.

Of course I have kept the boxes they came in. Some of these are quite valuable now.



1991 first ornament in the Cat Nap Series

The tree with ornaments, lights and vintage stuff underneath....

Now for my second tree..... I have always wanted a Girly tree and this year I bought a 3 ft white tree for the Pink room. I bought as inexpensively as possible pink ornaments, some from the thrift, some from Ross and some from the Dollar Tree. I think it came out so cute!!!

I put a special decoration on the tree. On the first Birthday that Carter and I were together he gave me this princess crown and I loved it. Wore it to work, cause I am THE Princess! So of course it has to go on the girly tree.

I had to take several photos of this most valuable tiara...(yes I know it's plastic and for a child...but it's MY princess crown).

The little snowflakes were from dollar tree, 6 for $1! The small pink balls are from the thrift and the pink spiral I had.

Of course the Girly tree has to have cute things underneath it.....a pink snowman stocking, pink box with a gift and a doll. I needed a tree skirt but didn't want to spend a lot of $$ so I got a cute baby blanket for 50 cents and I think it looks perfect.

Now this sweet little angel doll was in a bag of Christmas goodies I bought at the GW. I didn't realize how cute she was until I opened the bag. She has a little bit of a pug nose, gives her character.

I don't have a lot of fancy decorations, but the one's I put up I enjoy. The larger tree in the living room is where the older ornaments and things the children made are displayed. I've not quite gotten that tree up yet...hmmmm, it's how many days until Christmas? Wishing you all the best this lovely Christmas season.


Sunday, December 20, 2009


I am so happy to be joining two wonderful blog parties today Vintage Christmas Monday with Joan at Anything Goes Here and BLUE MONDAY with
Smiling Sally. I will start with BLUE MONDAY.

A few weeks ago I was visiting over at Paula Grace Designs. The Artful Home had graciously given her three ornaments to offer in a give-a-way. Of course I entered! Imagine my surprise and great joy when Paula left me a message that I had won! I gave her my address and The Artful Home sent me this beautiful ornament entitled VINCENT by Paul Lockwood. When it arrived I was stunned....It is much more beautiful then the photos....mine don't do it justice but I tried. I have displayed it on an ornament stand I found at the thrift shop for $1 before I won....meant to be.

The blue and white swirls are amazing.

The light on it brings out so much texture and color that photos can't show.

I am so proud to have this work of art in my home. Thanks Paula!

Now for Vintage Christmas...

This isn't really 'vintage' but it looks old and I love it. Anyone who knows me knows I love my fur baby Charlie the Cat. I got this at a craft show years ago and while I don't let anyone use it I do display it.

I only had a few Vintage Christmas items, but today I was thrifting and found these two cute items.

First is a candle holder in vintage plastic

The faces are so cute...I love how they are snuggled up...

These next two were in a bag with some magnets but all I could see were these ANGELS

They are so tiny, the candle holder would hold a birthday candle only.. again I love the faces with their upturned cute.

So these are my Vintage finds....I have really enjoyed visiting everyone and seeing the wonderful vintage Christmas items...You can bet I will be looking all year long for some new treasure.



Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday AND I'm also joining Suzanne over at Coloradolady, for Vintage Thingy Thursday.

Happy Birthday Melissa! One of my BFF's birthday is Friday Dec 18th... as any of you who have a birthday in December knows, it often gets LOST in all the Christmas hoopla. This happens to be a pretty big birthday for Melissa she is turning 40~(whoops don't tell her I told you that). I wanted to have a luncheon for her and while I wanted a festive tablescape I didn't want it to be Christmas so I went with a blue, white and silver theme.

I used many Vintage items on this table. To start I used a milk glass bowl found on the Longest Yard Sale in 2008 for $1 and added blue and silver ornaments bought last week in a bag from the GW. I added a few silver floral picks. I had a silver jingle bell wreath that I set the bowl in for more sparkle.

I used round placemats found on sale last year at Kohl's for 95 cents each. I added my vintage milk glass luncheon plates with matching cups in the grape pattern. I found the 4 plates at one thrift and then was very lucky to be able to find 4 matching cups. I layered a cobalt blue bread plate on top with a dark blue napkin in a silver napkin ring. The silverware with blue handles was picked up at the thrift for $4.

This centerpiece is so glittery! I love how the light catches the different colors, textures and shapes of the blue and silver ornaments.

I plan to serve soup in the cups and have a variety of salads to choose from. I will have homemade sourdough bread and crackers.

I used plain glasses for ice tea and added a little bow with some leftover ribbon from my daughters wedding 3 years ago.... I like how it adds another texture and more sparkle.

I turned the plate long way with the cup at the top. I like the the oval look you get by doing this.

A better look at the luncheon plates and cups.

This is a piece of Cobalt Blue Depression glass I won on ebay. I love the handle on this little dish, I will use it to hold olives and pickles.

Then of course here is the cake plate that will hold a small chocolate brownie cake...My friend LOVES chocolate. I found this cute cake plate at Marshall's marked down to $2 (yippee) and a cheese plate dome for $1.

A little more silver and blue bling on the table along with white tea lights.

Vintage milk glass, cobalt blue depression glass and new pieces make a sparkly fun luncheon table...So Melissa Happy 40th Birthday!

I will be setting my Christmas table next week.....come back and visit if you have time....Merry Christmas everyone!