Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm joining Joan at anything goes here for Vintage Christmas Monday!

****I have a special 'surprise' for one of my readers at the end of this post so be sure to read all the way to the end (smiles).

Now I found all the following 'vintage' items at my Last Chance Thrift Shop. Most on 1/2 price Mondays so they were even better bargains.

I started out with this little guy. What a cute elf. He is a shelf sitter but not sure if he was meant to hold a stocking? He is a little light weight so I would not trust him to hold a stocking, but he is just so cute.

Look at that little smile and with his hands outstretched saying welcome!

I have seen so many of these old Santas on other blogs but haven't seen any in my thrift stores until last Monday. He is pretty beat up and I would be afraid to plug in his light, but I love him and home he came with me!

Look at that twinkle in his eyes! He can't wait to make all the boys and girls happy on Christmas morning.

This little dog just cracks me up! I just had to give him a warm home for Christmas, hat and all.

This Santa looks like a baby toy but it isn't really squeezable...

And Last but not least is this stocking with one of those crazy elves on it, so Vintage I'm sure someone will enjoy seeing him.

The face is plastic and he has a crazy little nose!

Well these are my Vintage Christmas finds for this week. I enjoyed discovering them in the Thrift Shop.

NOW for the Surprise!!

Last week I did a post for Rednesday and showed this cute Santa in a sleigh.

The Santa is a coaster(4 in the sleigh), I just love them. Thursday I was in the same thrift where I found the Santa coasters and what to my wondering eye do I see??? ANOTHER SET OF THEM. I brought them home and was trying to figure out a giveaway in time for someone to enjoy these for the holidays. Today while visiting Claudie at Bubblin'Over I found my answer. She did a surprise (no one knew it was a giveaway post) from the comments. Well I had 22 comments on my Rednesday post showing the Santa coasters so I did a random drawing and the winner is....
Sonya at Dime Store Thrift! So girl contact me with your mailing address so I can get you these vintage coasters and some other surprises.

I have enjoyed this journey in Blogging and this is my first 'giveaway' but won't be my last. I am planning a New Year's giveaway after I reach 25 followers!

Thanks for stopping by...



Sue said...

Hi Linda...thanks for finding my blog and I'm sorry it was a day too late to invite you to our Christmas lunch...we would have loved to have met you...I am over in Marietta and there are alot of ladies out here in Blogland from Atlanta...Do you know everyone? If not send me an e-mail and I'll send you their links...We have a fun bunch!! Sue @ Rue Mouffetard.

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Welcome to Vintage Christmas Monday. I had added you to the list. You will be on the list for next Monday too. Let me know if that doesn't work for you. Next well will be the last one.

I had to link you up at my end. I didn't use a regular link system!

Great finds and a fun post. I am glad you decided to join us! xo Joan, you hostess

Chatty Crone said...

Hi Linda, I am a friend of Sue's and she mentioned you at the luncheon last week. I'm near Marietta too.

Just wanted to say hello. Sandie

Judi said...

I adore anything PIXIE and just love the stocking. Looks like your mettin' some great gals in the Marietta area too ~ Very nice :) Merry Christmas ~ Judi

Jeanette said...

I'm in middle Georgia near Callaway Gardens but I enjoy the blogs very much. It is so much inspiration! That Santa is just too cute, but I love the baby too!

julie said...

Really fun things...julie

Claudie said...

Ahhhhhh it wasn't me BOO HOO... that's ok I never enter any giveaways. I feel other gals would love to have the goodies. Not that I don't appreciate it, but that's just me.
Congrat's to oops I forgot her name... she will love them, I know it.
Brain fart lol
Oh BTW you called me Claudine... now that's a new one for me lol
It's ok
Love Claudie
P.S. I had sent a previous's gone somewhere else darn it.
I was saying that someone had a nose job...and then I wondered what the surprise I know.


Linda said...

Claudie so sorry about the name. Thanks for the comment and maybe next time it will be you!


Heidi said...

Hello Linda! so glad you came by for a visit and that you are joining VCM! Your decorations are so cheery!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

WhoooooHOOOOOO!!!! Thanks Linda, I am SO EXCITED!!!

Preppy 101 said...

What a cute idea! Congrats to the winner!! xoxo

Postcardy said...

All of your stuff is so cute. I especially like the stocking and coasters.

Diann said...

Hi Linda!

now those are some adorable vintage Christmas cuties! What fun to have found them at a second hand store and now add them to your home decorations!

Have a wonderful day!

Carol said...

Sending you happy Vintage Christmas Monday wishes from Boxwood Cottage in Germany

The Lazy Peacock said...

what great vintage items! i especially the elf and the elf stocking. too cute!

Brenda said...

Ohhh, I love the Santa! I have never seen one of the elves on the stocking. Thanks for sharing and stopping by!

Dawn said...

What great finds Linda. I think the pup has to be my favorite.
How sweet to do a surprise giveaway.
Merry Christmas,

Barbara Jean said...

Congratulations to Sonya on her win.

Thanks for coming by to visit at my place.

I've signed up to follow. I see you have already passed your 25 followers!!

Good job!


barbara jean

CollectIn Texas Gal said...
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CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Hi Linda...Love all your vintage Christmas collections. I had an elf stocking hanger much like yours that matched a Santa and a Snowman...still have the later two, but am missing the elf. I'll have to look at the thrift stores for a replacement...thanks for the idea. Enjoyed seeing your blog and all the goodies! I'm a new follower and have added you to my blog list. Thanks for visiting CollectInTexas Gal...Sue