Sunday, September 29, 2013

Paris Day Eleven

Paris Day Eleven

A Sunny Sunday!

Cooler temps and sunshine made me so happy!
I stepped out on the balcony and took in the view! 
I also heard some drumming...I kept looking down the street and realized there were runners.  I looked it up on the internet and it was a women's road race and they expected 30,000 participants! 
So we headed out to see how the lines were at the Eiffel Tower!  They were three hour wait long!  So not visiting the tower today!
Our backup plan was to take the Seine river cruise that was located 
at the foot of the Eiffel Tower!
It was one of the best things we did in Paris!
The boats have open seating on the top but we choose to sit downstairs at the very front!
Once the cruise started I could go from side to side and take photos 
while she could sit and enjoy!
We saw the D'Orsay museum and it was nice to view it on a sunny day!
With the first sunshine in days, we saw lots of people out walking 
and enjoying this gorgeous day!
This bridge was covered with the Love Locks!
I loved the carvings on this bridge! 
There was a recorded tour guide in French and English and it was very interesting!
Wish I could tell you what each bridge/place we saw was, but I can't...
I was busy taking photos! 
Closer look at one of the faces on the bridge!
Another beautiful bridge!
A gorgeous day on the river Seine

Notre Dame
While we never made it inside we did enjoy seeing this amazing cathedral from the river!
Some sort of festival on the walkway
It was so breezy but I loved it!!
The Louvre
Palais Royal 
We really enjoyed this cruise and I would tell everyone to take this tour at least once! 
As clouds start to return we arrive back to the Eiffel Tower! 

We walked back to the apartment and stopped for something to eat at the cafe across the street from us!  Then home for the evening! 
Only one more full day in Paris! 
Guess where I am going tomorrow!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tiger Loves the Eiffel Tower

I have two more days of my Paris trip yet to share, but I wanted to take a little break and share some Tiger photos with you.  
Thursday is my Tiger Day
We went out to lunch, chicken bites and waffle fries
We like the fast food place with the playground of course...but only after eating!

I asked Tiger to show me his 'Paris' shirt
I think he likes it! 
After eating and playing we went to the library!
We enjoyed playing in the children's area
We checked out one book each and headed home for a nap! 

So that was our fun and thrifty day! 

Join Diann and I for Thrifty Things Friday


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Paris Day Nine and Ten

All about Museums!
Paris has some of the most amazing museums with world famous art!  

Day Nine

The Louvre
Crazy big place!  
With our Paris Museum Pass we skipped the lines and got inside pretty fast.
J has trouble with stairs so we used as many elevators and escalators as possible
Of course I needed a picture to prove I was here!
Once inside we got our map
The Louvre covers art from the Ancient World to 1850
I must say once inside it took us a while to figure out where we were and where we wanted to go.  Very confusing!  This might have been one place that a tour guide might have been worthwhile.
That said we did find the things we wanted to see!
You know I'm a glass gal and this collection of cobalt was amazing! 
We were allowed to take photos in the Louvre as long as we did not use a flash
Ancient glass for the Greeks!
This was one of my favorite displays

The building itself is amazing!
Of course we had to see this painting
The Mona Lisa
I didn't take that many photos since I just really wanted to enjoy the experience
The sculptures were some of my favorites also!
We spent several hours and really enjoyed it.
The Louvre is somewhere I've dreamed of visiting since I was a teenager and to finally be there was amazing.  You could of course spend days looking but we felt like we made the most of our few hours there!
We ended the day with a cup of...
The most amazing hot chocolate! 
Like a candy bar in a cup!
Loved it!
It started to rain so home on the bus and in for the night.  
We had quiche for dinner in the apt.

Day 10
Rain, Rain, Rain
Joletta had done so much walking at the Louvre that she needed a day of rest.  My plan was to see the other two museums on my list! 
I took the bus and walked one block to 
Musee d'Orsay
This museum houses French art from 1848 - 1914 including my favorite Impressionism

This museum is housed in the old train station
No photos allowed
I did snap this photo inside of the clock.
It was amazing!  I saw so many famous paintings and artists!  Renoir, Manet, Degas, Monet, Gauguin, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Seurat, Toulouse-Lautrec and so many more!
To show you some of my favorites I bought some post cards.  
This is the inside of the museum.
Degas - Danseuses Bleues

Both of these are Claude Monet
I love the top painting,  The Magpie
and the bottom is Le Dejeuner
Vincent Van Gogh
Amazing colors, stunning!

My next stop was the 
Musee De L'Orangerie
It was about a 15 minute walk from D'Orsay
Rainy and windy I crossed the Seine on this foot bridge.  Covered with locks of love!
I thought this would be fun if you were in Paris with the one you Love!
Again my museum pass got me right in without standing in line (in the rain I might add)
Well worth the price for this pass!
A small museum but worth the visit for the wonderful Monet Water Lilies
Again no photos
I bought these water lilie earrings at the gift shop
I have worn them already and love them
A great reminder of Paris and the museums
I bought Tiger this great book.  It will expose him to some great art works on his level.  We will have fun reading this.
As I walked back across the Seine and caught my bus back to the apt, nothing could stop me from smiling.  Rain in Paris is still more gorgeous then rain anywhere else.  Even the Eiffel Tower is lovely in its cloud of rain! 

So ends day 10!