Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Came First??

The Chicken or the Egg?
In this case....the chicken
I found this adorable set of dessert plates at the thrift shop and paid $3.50 for them on 1/2 price day.  New with tags on they inspired this tablescape
A table for two!
The place setting started with a white place mat that were $1 each from Dollar Tree a few years ago
I used a blue Fiesta plate, milk glass plate with a cute out edge topped by the chick plate
Added an egg cup and faux egg for fun!
All these dishes are from my stash and were found at thrift shops or yard sales
I used white handled flatware and these pretty blue and white napkins bought on clearance from Old Time Pottery (I think)
The glass is old and has a sweet flower pattern on it.  These two glasses were found at a thrift for less then $1 each
I had trouble with a centerpiece as nothing I tried made me happy.  I settled on this Easter egg wreath with a candle in the center
These cute egg shaped chick Salt & Pepper shakers add to the 'theme' of this table
Sweet and Simple
After taking all these photos I did pick some flowers from the yard and think they add a nice touch of Spring!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tiger Tuesday

I had not seen Tiger in 3 weeks when I went over to visit Saturday!  How much that child has grown in 3 wks!  He is walking now and talking more.  Let's just say he and I had some interesting and fun conversations!
Grammy your tall you can let me out of this gate thing can't you???
Maybe if I throw this water bottle out there you will open this gate so I can go get it???

Tiger is a really good eater!  Loves his food.
Here he is eating squash casserole, a little BBQ pork and a few fries! 
Gotta wash it all down with water Grammy!

The most interesting thing this weekend was how Tiger has learned to really play and entertain himself for a lot longer
He loves trucks and cars and makes an adorable sound with his mouth while playing with them.
Tiger also loves balls and can now say ball and make the sign for it!!  He can sign for: more, up, ball, sleep and they are working on please.  He can say Mama, Dada, ball, bye bye, uh oh and several more words.  He is working on Grandma or Grammy and I think I got a G sound from him to me.  I love this little guy so much!

We are working on his birthday party.  He will be one on April 7th but his party will be April 1st.  It will be in So Georgia so his other Grands and Great Grands can attend.  It will be a cowboy theme and we worked on making some cute cupcake toppers this weekend!
My daughter is very clever and so this became
This!  They will be put on a stick for the kids cupcakes!  I must say I had fun helping.  
So I will be in So Ga next weekend and taking lots of photos of our little Buckaroo as he turns one(well officially not until April 7th but ya gotta get the family together when you can)

Grammy aka Linda

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Few Vintage Things!

I found a couple of great vintage goodies this past week! 

This orphan Pepper shaker is so cute!  I found it at a thrift shop on 1/2 price day so it was .27
These are large stamps with numbers and letters
I don't know what I'm going to do with them but I think they look cool...$1.21 each...did I pay too much?
May favorite find this week was this lovely creamer.  Marked Edwin Knowles and the patterin is Gloria.  I love it and for $1.80 it joined my collection.

I'm joining Suzanne for Vintage Thingy Thursday
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We are so lucky that there is a new party starting today for us dishaholics to share our love of all things table's called  LET'S DISH and is hosted by the most talented Cuisine Kathleen!
I have been a bit under the weather so I am sharing a previously viewed post from June 2010 since I did not want to miss this party! 


I must admit that Gardenia's are one of my all time favorite flowers
We have two large bushes in our back yard and this year the blooms are abundant!
This table setting is to celebrate Gardenias and Spring
Pink, green and white
I won this set of lovely bird plates and I think they are perfect for this tablescape
I started with green place mats and added these pink plates
I found at the Salvation Army back in May
I loved how the pink plate picked up the colors in the flowers
I also used the lacey pink glasses also found at SA
Teacups, teapot and pink creamer, sugar and S&P
continued the colors from the bird plates
 I added the napkins bought last week at the thrift 
white with pink edging and design
 The gardenias are in a green Franciscan ware ball jug
I added a couple of birds to the table
One at each place setting
I am really enjoying these cute garden plates.  

I hope you will check out all the other fabulous posts for this new party each Wednesday.  Get out your plates, set you table and join Let's Dish! 


Monday, March 19, 2012


It's Spring and everything is in bloom around here! 
Sounds lovely doesn't it??
Not if you have allergies!
Today's pollen count in the Atlanta area
Now I know why I've had headaches lately
Still it is beautiful and so here are some photos of my blooming yard!  We have just added cedar mulch to the island in our front yard and a birdbath.
The azaleas are blooming.  I have a rose bush and some butterfly bushes in this area also
Pink Azaleas in the side yard
This one white azalea is pretty against the brown leaves
The sun was bright but I am hoping one of you will know what kind of flower this is
I found these Dogwood tree buds and thought they were so interesting
Playing with my camera is always fun

Guess I'll be doing some work here soon
Need to get the potting bench cleaned up and ready to plant something new for the deck garden!

I hope your pollen isn't giving you headaches and that your Spring brings you many flowers and much Joy!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vintage Bargains

I have two awesome vintage and thrifty things to share with you
Both are also additions to my collections
A blue fridgie!  I'm not sure what set this came from but when I saw it at Goodwill and it was priced reasonably AND it was Senior Day, I had to have it!  Cost:  $1.... Score!

This next find was the only thing found on this quick visit to Value Village last week
This hammered aluminum bread tray is in wonderful condition
This Rodney Kent piece marked 404 has his well known Tulip design on it
and applied ribbon and flower handles
I saw this listed on line for $25
I paid $3

I'm joining Suzanne for 
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's Up Wednesday

It has been awhile since I did a what's up Wednesday but I really have some things I want to share with all of you (Tiger alert)

First of all I must tell you about a new photo editing site I've been using for about a week.  I can't remember who blogged about it first (sorry) but I love it! 
Check out the blog post Claudia did here with lots more info on this great photo editing site!
Try it you'll like it!

I won an awesome giveaway from Kathy at 
It was a $50 gift certificate from NOVICA
This online shop has gathered artisans around the world and offers their beautiful crafts in one spot
To say I had a hard time choosing would be an understatement!  So many things to choose from but finally I made my decision and was not disappointed!

Mumbai Moonlight by Narayani
I wanted some pearl earrings and these are so lovely!  Simple and on Sterling silver hooks...I love them!

Kitty Cat Happiness by Nantana Sompamitre
This arrived so beautifully wrapped in handmade paper it was such a special gift
This hand carved lacquered box is gorgeous and oh so cute!  Made from mango wood into a Korat (Happiness) cat!   
Thank you again Kathy for this wonderful giveaway!

Now for some fun Tiger Time!
He is growing like a weed and will be one on April 7th!  How this year has flown by!  
He now helps with the laundry
Loading the dishwasher
Grabbing his milk from the refrigerator
(all these photos are from his parents...I must say I love that they post these all the time on Facebook...I get my Tiger fix almost daily)

I remember when this 'Tiger' was bigger then him!
They are on Spring Break and he is having his first Beach trip!  He loves it!  No fear of the ocean at all!  
This child was born to swim just like his Daddy!

Thanks for joining me on What's Up Wednesday! 


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Join The Party!

Today is the 4th Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl at Cuisine Kathleen!   I hope you go over and check out all the fun 
St Patrick's Day posts!

I'm sharing some fun 'green' and St Paddy's day finds from my getaway last week.

You can find such great things at the thrift stores and low prices if you look oh and if your lucky!
This plate has no markings but I would guess it was a souvenir from a trip to Ireland
I picked it up for .50

This 'Luck of the Irish' pillow was found at the same thrift store and was also .50
The green sugar & creamer I found at a Habitat for Humanity store.  I little on the high side with most of their prices I was going to leave without finding anything when I took one more look in the kitchen area and found these hiding behind something...price $2 for the set! 

This minty green Pyrex baking dish came with all the grime for $ is soaking in soapy water right now!

The Tupperware container was $1 and the cute kitchen towel was I'm a lucky girl even if I'm not Irish!

Join in with Kathleen and enjoy the Green!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Style Copy Cat Party!

I love Debbiedoo's Magazine Copy Cat Party!
My goal is to copy something without buying anything...
just shop my house
I found the perfect photo in the March 2012
Southern Living Magazine
I decided I could do the 'spirit' of this using my own favorite colors of spring
This is my version
I inherited these gorgeous pearls
The Joy bottle was a gift from a long ago boyfriend and my only bottle of French perfume!
Used beaded bracelets instead of bangles
pretty stationary and a google pen
I also used a pretty paperweight instead of another perfume bottle for that glass element
My version again
Southern Living version
I'm happy with my copycat! 

Please go visit Debbiedoo's and see what great copycats live in blogland!