Sunday, February 28, 2010


It's a month of giveaways over at THE THRIFTY GROOVE 

Diann is have a month of giveaways to celebrate her 1st Blog Anniversary~ You must check it out as this coming weeks giveaway is a wonderful pair of Rooster Plates!

If you aren't already a fan of this blog you will be after visiting and reading her great thrift store and shopping finds.


Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am joining Jenny for ALPHABE-THURSDAYThis week is the letter F and I hope you go by and check out all the other interesting entries this week.

I am also joining Suzanne for Vintage Thingie Thursday over at  COLORADO LADY 
FLAMINGO!  This word brings to mind FLORIDA, right?  That is where this story of my collection of Flamingo's starts!  When Mister and I went to Sanibel Island, Florida for Thanksgiving week 2008 we had a grand time.  Since we would be celebrating our first Christmas together in December and I like to get an ornament from new places I visit, we wanted to find something that just said...FLORIDA and would be special to us. 

I wanted this large Flamingo made by Beadworx  
  It is 24 inches high so not an ornament but I was in love with this work of art,  handmade by using galvanized wire and beads.   
Check them out they are fabulous!  I wanted this, but instead got this... a key ring!

  Perfect for the tree as an ornament.  I love these great beaded creations and they can be ordered from Unique Gift Art.  They have animals, flowers, jewelry and many other creations to choose from.  I have some other pieces that I bought online from them and their service was great. 

We have several Flamingo ornaments but they are packed away.  I have however collected a few other Flamingo's. 
I won these trays (there are two of them) on Ebay 

Thrift shop chair picture frame with is missing but still I had to have this with it's pink flamingo cuteness

Another thrift shop find was this vase with handpainted flamingos
Now for some vintage goodies!~

This creamer was found at one of my favorite antique malls. I don't know the pattern name.  I have seen a teapot in this pattern and I want it, but was too rich for my pocketbook.

This is probably my most unique vintage is a candle holder.  I found it at Value Village and just swooned.  

This is marked Five and Dime Inc 1986.  This was part of a set of flamingo items sold in Woolworth Dime Stores.  I have seen other pieces of this and I heart of these days.

This is a twizzle stick from my drink on Thanksgiving Day 2008 at the BUBBLE ROOM RESTRUANT  on Captivia Island,FL.  What a fun place and full of collectibles.  It's a feast for the eye as well as the stomach!

This is a flamingo I use every day...can you guess?

It attaches to my keyring and hangs on the edge of my purse so my keys don't end up lost in the bottomless pit. I love its happy look.

So this is my F is for Flamingo post.  Hope you enjoyed another little look at one of my collections!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!  28 years ago my second child was born and God gave me another beautiful girl! 
Happy Birthday Sara! 
She was the sweetest & happiest baby!

She has grown into a beautiful, kind and loving woman!

Love you baby girl!!



Tuesday, February 23, 2010


 I am joining Troy at I Refuse to Recede  for a new meme.  Check it out and join in the fun.

I am sharing my Sandwich glass pattern green glasses.
I found my first one last summer, picked up two one day in the thrift and got my 4th Sat at my pickin in Tennessee (see that post here)

I did not know much about these when I found my first glass but have since discovered that these glasses were a giveaway.
Part of this meme is to share some trivia so here is what I found out about sandwich glass pattern(not to be confused with original sandwich glass company located in Sandwich, Mass) 

 Anchor Hocking produced their version of Sandwich from 1939 to 1964. Many will be familiar with this pattern as they were used as promotional items at grocery stores and gas stations. Five of the items, in Forest Green, were included free inside boxes of Crystal Wedding brand oats. While these five pieces are abundant, the remaining pieces in Forest Green are much harder to find and are highly sought after by collectors. Punch bowls, usually in milk glass, were fairly common promo items at gas stations in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

I love the look and feel of these glasses.  I hope to find additional pieces of this glassware.  So far none of my pieces have been very expensive at all.  


Sunday, February 21, 2010


Saturday morning was one of those beautiful February days we sometimes get in Georgia.  Cool but with the sun shining and a promise of a warming day.  We head out early after a stop for coffee, I love those machines in the QT that give you the Vanilla Cappuccino! Moving onward to Chattanooga, TN.  We are headed to the other side of the mountain and a small town where we are to pick up a tube tester that my DH has bought.  The man has told us it is his Grandfathers and that he once had a TV shop and they are now selling off all these old electronics.  DH is a old radio guy (or a guy who likes old radios) and loves all these old electronics so it's a exciting trip for him.  Me, well it's a beautiful day and there is a promise of stopping at a few Thrifts on the way home.
We arrive and while waiting for the man to meet us we start looking around.  It's an old building, with a huge amount of 'stuff' everywhere.  I see this old tractor with a snowplow blade and I think that would make a good photo...
While the men are looking over all the electronic stuff I continue to wander around and take photos of all this great rusty stuff


Then I spy this box and well the lid is off and so I peek inside
Lots of just junk but also I see a few treasures
I inquire if they are for sale and he says make me an offer 
I did and picked out five items for $5!

This item below is the one we drove up here for...
He is pleased with his purchase of this tube tester and is making a pile of other stuff to buy, he is a happy 'picker' right now

This was just a small portion of the stuff he was sorting through
I go back to snooping, I mean looking  and I find some other items that look fun to photograph...
Very cool canning jar lids


Just laying there in the dirt

 This is one very cool, very rusty & dirty lantern

 I am in love with all it's rusty coolness!  Can it be bought?  Yes!!
So I bring home six items including my lantern for $6
Oil & Vinegar with a salt & pepper shaker
Cute little 'dutch' boy planter 

Such fun finds.... DH finds several items and he is happy as we load up the car....

This is really 'guy stuff' and I have no idea what it all is but there were lots of little smiles of happiness on his face so I guess it was some really good finds.......we enjoyed our pickin in Tennessee! 
 Ya'll come back now!


Friday, February 19, 2010


Welcome to Pink Saturday!  Hosted by the lovely Beverly at HOW SWEET THE SOUNDBe sure to go visit and take a look at all the other Pink Saturday Posts!  It is always a fun party!

This week has seemed hectic and I have decided to show a few pink photos from my archives that I've not posted before.

First is a wonderful Christmas Present from my Honey Honey!  I love dragonfly's and I was so happy to open this lovely gift Christmas Morning.
A beautiful glass box with a pink dragonfly on the lid and a matching picture frame.  They are so pretty!

This was the very last rose in my garden this past fall

A pretty Cherokee Rose in it's last days 

Pink from last spring...makes me remember it will be here soon

Along with beautiful butterflies!

Enjoying February but happy Spring is not far away!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today I'm joining Jenny for Alphabe-Thursday HERE and Suzanne at Colorado Lady HERE for Vintage Thingy Thursday.   Please go visit these great parties and check out the other fun posts!

E is for EGG
I have once again found I have a collection, this time of Egg Coddlers and Egg cups.  Of course I have a story of how this started.
My Mother went to England back in the '80's and brought me several fun gifts.  One was this Egg Coddler, 
... an egg coddler, a porcelain cup or ramekin with a lid used similarly to a bain-marie. The inside of the egg coddler is first buttered in order to flavour the egg and allow it to be removed more easily. A raw egg (sometimes with additional flavourings) is then broken into the coddler, which is then placed in a pan of near-boiling water for 7-8 minutes.
Coddlers have been manufactured by Royal Worcester in Worcester, UK, since at least the 1890s, and were probably invented there. Many companies now make egg coddlers, and some are highly sought after collectors’ items.

Over time I picked up a few at Thrift stores and my Mother gave me another one she also bought in England. 

This one was made by COALPORT , a member of the Wedgewood group.  I love the Blue design on this coddler.

This was found at a thrift shop, it was only $1 probably because the top ring is broken, but I still have it.  This was made by Wedgewood.
Both of these small coddlers are made by Royal Worchester
I must admit to never having used these to coddle eggs which I imagine are close to our so called 'soft boiled'

The Egg cup collection started quite by accident as many collections do.  I found two little egg cups in the thrift store for a very inexpensive price (cheap!) and they were cute with fruits & veggies on them.  I thought they would look cute with colored eggs .
Well as things often do I found another one.  This one was milk glass with a lovely pale green on it.  

Two milk glass egg cups followed
Then last August on the Longest Yard Sale I bought this one

I don't see a lot of vintage egg cups at the thrift but I do love them and it's a slow growing collection.

So since I love Eggs....scrambled, poached,fried, hard boiled, egg salad, deviled eggs and Omelets, this seems a natural collection!

That's it for this weeks Alphabe-Thursday and Vintage Thingy Thursday.  Be sure to go by and check out all the other posts.