Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Catching Up!

Once again the month is almost over!
Summer has been a busy time.
Mom bought a new car!
She had been having a bit more difficulty getting in and out of her RAV-4 so we went car shopping.
We decided on this 2017 Toyota Camry!  It is a really nice car and Mom is having a much easier time getting in and out.  So far we like it.
(I drive she rides)

Sara took the kids blueberry picking!

As you can see they had fun!  Tiger helped to make blueberry muffins and cobbler and shared it with us!

If you follow me on IG or FB you saw where I ended up in the hospital ER.  I was having pains that reminded me of last years pancreatitis and so my Dr told me to go to the ER.  I am so glad it wasn't pancreatitis but the Dr said yes it can come back so I need to be more careful of my diet.   I started feeling better after some IV fluids, pain meds and a clear liquid diet for a 24 hours. 
THEN... I got a summer cold...picked up I'm sure at the ER.  Ugh!
Finally feeling better this week. 
I think my blog has become a diary of my illnesses.  I have always been so healthy and suddenly it seems I catch every cold and virus around.  I've been trying to up my immune system and get healthier before we start another round of flu season! 

I've been doing a bit of watercolor painting but not much.  I'm working on a fun challenge of a color a day prompt.  This is one page of my efforts!
I recently bought a tube of Coral watercolor paint, perfect for this first attempt at a Flamingo.  I surprised myself! It even looks like a Flamingo!
I've been downloading photos of flowers as inspiration for my painting. This was my first effort.  Side by side the colors are all wrong (mine looks so blue!) but this was my first try and it was fun.   
Edited to add the poppy photo was from my friend Jeanie from The Marmalade Gypsy! 

My friend Cheri sent me a Hobby Lobby gift card for my birthday.
I bought this journal 40% off
on sale and used a 40% coupon on a tube of watercolor paint and used up that gift card! 
 Thank you Cheri.

Sara and Tiger will be heading back to school soon.  They start so early here.  Scout continues to enjoy her friends at daycare and Blake is working at the YMCA.  We have so much to be thankful for.
During children's time at church!

Annie Belle has survived the trauma of roofers pounding away.  She hid under the couch for hours (poor baby).

As we say goodbye to July I hope you are having a wonderful summer! 

Wishing you JOY,


Thursday, July 13, 2017

What's Up Wednesday On A Thursday!

 For my June birthday, my friend Carter and I went to the mountains.  We drove through the Smokey Mountains to Bryson City, NC.  Pretty views along the way and a cute little town.  I did a little shopping in an adorable vintage shop!
Outside they had plants and this great bike with flowers!  We also stopped at some thrift stores and a Flea Market.  I had a good time and found some treasures!
PINK!  All the pottery pieces were bargains.  The vases were both .50 each.  The little planter was $5
The flower frog was in the vintage shop and a bargain at $3.  I found this Flamingo spreader for .25 at a thrift shop.  I love it when I can add things to my existing collections.
I have a hard time leaving sweet little vintage wine glasses at the thrift shop.  This one was .25, the ceramic owl has magnets to hang on the fridge and hold pencils and was $1.50.
This gorgeous milk glass compote with lid was $8 and is in wonderful condition.  I found it at the Flea Market!

We stopped at an Antique Market in an old school and it was like a museum of gorgeous items.  Lots of glassware, pottery and collections one could only dream about.  Pricey but beautiful.  I saw these Roseville pieces and fawned over them.  I hadn't seen these except in books.  Amazing works of art!

Nothing purchased here but worth the stop just to look.
Thanks to all who sent me notes, cards and FB Birthday wishes! 

Locally I found these items.
 Love these little cabbage S&P's and $1 for the pair.  I believe they are Bordallo Pinheiro!
 These gorgeous Vera Butterfly bowls were .50 each at the thrift shop.  
This beautiful milk glass plate was $1 at the Habitat for Humanity.  

Another pottery planter for .50
A pottery vase to hold some of my paint brushes.  Pretty glazes and only .50.

So these are my latest thrifty finds! 

Wishing you JOY,


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday Watercolors #5

It has been a long time since my last watercolor post.  I was so busy that I didn't have much time to watercolor for a month or so.  I've finally made some time to paint so it's time to share! 

My Mom and I are Texans by birth and we both love Blue Bonnets.  I thought I would paint some for Mom for Mother's day back in May.
This is one of several attempts and I never felt like any of them came out well enough to frame for Mom.  
I'll keep trying.  It was my first time trying to paint 'for someone' and it was hard.  Higher expectations I guess.
This painting had me feeling better and so I've been painting more in June.
This was inspired by an online tutorial
As was this.  I must admit I'm starting to see some progress in my painting.
One of the teachers I follow had a online coupon for free shipping from an art supply store.  I decided to buy three brushes that were on sale.  
These are Silver Black Velvet brushes.  A combination of synthetic and sable.
WOW!  I really love these brushes.  So when you start out and they tell you to buy the best brushes you can, they really do make a difference.
Pink Poppy from a tutorial and tried using a scraper for texture. 

I'm also trying to expand my color palette and try other things besides my pinks!  This is my latest painting done yesterday.

I find that painting is relaxing to me.  I also find that I like to 'doodle' while on the phone.  I can sit down at my table and use up the paints on my palette randomly.  
Just playing with color! 

I think I'm going to try a challenge in July to paint once a day using prompts. It should be fun! 

Wishing you JOY,


Monday, June 19, 2017

A Few Thrify Finds

June is proving to be another busy month!  I'm trying to regain my blogging mojo and have promised myself to just post even if I feel like I have little to say.  I need to get back into the habit.  I miss all of you.  
So while doing some purging in May I did find a few little things I just had to have!
My love of all things 'Paris' continues
This sweet Eiffel Tower has a new home here with me!
This cute little mug fits into the cubbies!
Like new pillow is on the futon!
A mug for the mornings and a reminder to follow that dream!
I had been keeping my eyes open for a small travel hairdryer for my craft room.  Sometimes I need to dry a watercolor before I can add more paint and this was $2 and perfect!
I think one of my favorite finds was this small aquarium.  I have been looking for one to hold the shells that I collect every time I go to the beach.  I'll put it on the top of the bookcase.

I enjoy the hunt and my finds are all thrifty and have a place in my home before I buy it.
  It's the new 'rule' of thrifting for me. 

The Grands have been so busy this summer.  Lots of day camps for Tiger and Scout is still going to daycare.  Sara is taking some graduate courses this summer and Blake is working and taking classes.  Busy family.
They had a little Father's Day trip to the mountains and had a wonderful time!
Blake is such a great Dad!

Sara took these photos of Scout and I'm so in love with them!

She loves the color pink (like her Grandma) and is such a girly girl but can play in the dirt and run with her big brother also! 

Wishing you JOY,


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Where Did May Go??

This month has flown by!
I have been meaning to blog every week but just haven't gotten to it.
Busy month! 
Good news...I'm finally feeling better.  More energy and my voice seems back to normal.  Now if I can just keep healthy.

Mother's Day was sweet this year.  Church with the family, dinner with Mom and a surprise from the Grands!
These adorable silhouettes for their Mom and myself!  LOVE!
They also brought flowers for me and BB(my Mom).  It was a lovely day.

Then I got so busy working on a rummage sale by the UMW(United Methodist Women) at my church.  A week long set up and pricing, then sale on Fri/Sat and this old lady was tired! 
This was early in the week, we had lots and lots more come in to sell.
One of our church members donated over 100 Santa's she had collected for 40 years.  We sold many and are trying to sell the rest online.  I bought one for myself...
I love his kind face.
and a cowboy Santa for Tiger
He will get it at Christmas!

I donated lots of my vintage things and many of them sold.  It was a good way for me to downsize and contribute to missions.  
I was very good and as I was 'unpacking' I only brought back home two things I thought I would sell.  A cat box and a pink ceramic ring box.  So for me, that is really good!  

Of course a week of looking at 'stuff' for sale and you know I brought home some things.  All of us who worked the sale bought things...of course we did!

Here is my haul!
A wine rack and a corkscrew!
I'm not as strong as I once was so the electric corkscrew is pretty awesome!
Books of course!  I also bought 7 books in a series for my Mom.
Bright Pink Bucket for $1!!!
This is for a fairy garden if I ever decide to make one, only .25
This adorable little jewelry box for Scout.  I'll keep it here for her to play with.  I just got her a wooden box but at 2 she isn't quite ready for this more 'delicate' box. 
This little girl stuffy just said 
"take me to Scout" so I did!

All in all a pretty good sale.  I found a few things I could use and sold a lot and we made money for missions!  Most of us who did all the hard work were over 65 and we all said this was our last rummage sale.  If there is another one, some of the young people will have to organize it.   Our aches and pains made us laugh but we did realize it was time to pass on this event to younger bodies!

We have had lots and lots of rain but I have done a bit of yard work!
I put this photo on social media asking if anyone else saw a face in the stump! The answers were so funny. 
Do you see a face? 

I showed you the tomato plant in my last post
All the rain and sun and a few weeks later it looks like this!
Now if we can just get some tomatoes!

Flowers, my funky fountain and more flowers!  I'm enjoying the yard this year!

Because of how busy I've been there hasn't been much watercolor painting this month.  I tried to do one for my Mom on Mother's Day but I didn't like how it turned out so I'm still working on it!  I got nervous trying to make something for someone instead of just 'painting for fun'.

Tomorrow is June 1st and that means
Birthday Month!
Yes I said month!
 I know you can't wait to see what fun I have in June!

Wishing you JOY,