Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Welcome to my post showing my 
World's Longest Yard Sale 2010
White and Red finds!!
I am joining these two fun parties!
White Wednesday over at FADED CHARM
Rednesday Day at It's A Very Cherry World

 I love this milk glass dish only 25 cents
This milk glass dish was 50 cents, dirt was free
**just keepin it real, lots of dirty items at these yard sales and I'm showing you my treasures in their found condition**
 White planter $1
4 Fire King bowls, milk glass plate and a Little Hostess white cup
All this was only $4
This is a one handle sugar bowl 
This matches some dishes I found at a thrift last month
Again the price $1
A white Pyrex divided dish, no lid $2
Teacup, Free!  
Two milk glass hens! I kept seeing these for $18 and they were only going down to around $15 so I didn't buy, I found the little one first for $7 and then really scored on the large one for $8
I didn't find many red items
The two red plates and the Blue Ridge plate were all 25 cents each.  The Blue Ridge plate has some really large chips but for a quarter I thought why not!
This charming little sugar bowl caught my eye
I talked the lady down to $1 (My favorite price point on this trip)
Love this lid!
I also got this great rusty red and white enamel pan $3 from the same lady with the sugar bowl.

I hope you enjoyed another tour of my WLYS finds
More to come!!



Toronto Yardsaler said...

Everything looks so beautiful together. I like the simplicity of your white pieces. Great deals too.
Hey, I love the way your blog looks by the way. Very stylish!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

P.S. I've probably said this before but, crikey you have a lot of followers and yet you still make time to write so many thoughtful comments on other people's blogs. You're amazing. You're so not a 260 followers diva.

Debra Ganas said...

Thanks for sharing your finds. Love those hens. But I have a weekness for red and white enamel ware.


Susan said...

Hi Linda...Like your treasures, especially the hens. Good job! Susan Oh! By the way. Love your new header!


Hi Linda,
What FUN you had and so many great treasures!!! Love the pink pottery vase...it almost looks like an "L" on it!
deb :)

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Lovin those white dishes...and what a great deal on the little chicken covered dishes!!! I'd love go to that long yard sale!!!

Polly said...

Hi Linda! Wow, look at your great finds on the Worlds Longest Yard Sale! Such fun!! I love those Fire King soup bowls!!

Glad you had fun!!


Mimi said...

You found some cute things...I like that one handled sugar bowl...not sure I have ever seen one before, no handle or two handled are more common.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

What great finds, everything is so charming!

Happy Rednesday,

Karen said...

WOW! You really did well with your purchases. Love, love, love the milk glass. Good for you!
Ladybug Creek

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Linda, you found some great things. Love the rooster covered dishes.

A Hopeful Heart said...

You and I seem to have the same radar when it comes to yard sales....dishes and china. And I LOVE milk glass. Those hen dishes are wonderful.

Great shopping!!


Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Love your 127 Treasures ~ but must admit I am very Jealous..... I was suppose to Finally go this year, but My Niece (we were going together) went & got Pregnant with her 6th - since she is due in 3 weeks, Her Doctor did not want her to travel ~ Darn..... (I'm really thrilled about another Great Niece or Nephew, but they picked a Lousy time - all said with a smile & Happy Heart)
Next Year, I will be there, even if I have to Go ALONE!

Annesphamily said...

You found some great stuff! I love those hens! Bit you really are having a great time aren't you? Hugs Anne

D said...

What great finds! And such great prices. I love enamel ware stuff, too.

Ann said...

Next year has got to be my year to go to the Longest Yard Sale...I say it every year but I'm not getting any younger, gotta get to it! Thanks for spurring me on and thanks for showing your great treasures found on the hunt. It thrilled me to read about the two hen dishes...good for you, holding out and scoring for half the price!!
The Tattered Tassel

Vonlipi said...

Love the new header, that plate is gorgeous!

You are so right a lot of the treasures we find at yard sales are dirty! It adds character!

Those are beautiful finds. The Pyrex dish was originaly known as the vegetable divided dish.

Rebecca said...

Great Planters-I look for those too!

LV said...

As the old saying goes, you made a killing on that trip. Great finds dirt and all. You can get dirty things cheaper.

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

What wonderful finds. I do not mind the "dirt" in the items I find. The fun is cleaning them up and seeing the treasure beneath. I love the planter and the hens on nest. Thanks for sharing. ~~Sherry~~

Shelia said...

Waaaa!! Wish I could have gone on this great yard sale! You got some lovely things at great prices!!
Oh, honey, come on down. I'd love to have you as a Diva!! Just let me know when you snap.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Douce France..... said...

I love your new look!
I really your great findings!
Espacially the Milkglass plate and the chickens! You are one lucky lady!
The sugar bowl is amazing, I love that set.
Have a nice day Linda!

Anonymous said...

I totally enjoyed it! I have that first milkglass dish you got but I paid $1.00. I think I got taken...LOL!!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Linda Sweetie...
Oh my goodness what a deal you got on the milk glass pieces, dirt and all. They are so beautiful. You really found a lot of glassware. Such pretty pieces too.

I love the post below with all the glassware on the table. Love the little pink booties. I could sit and look for days.

I am so thrilled that you made it there and back. Had a safe journey. Oh and I love the fams that Mr. found. Aren't they awesome? We have a couple of old ones too.

Have a gorgeous Wednesday sweet friend. I am so thrilled you are home. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Pondside said...

I love that little white $1 planter. You found some great things!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
I absolutely adore the green sandwich glass in your header picture. Yummmmy!

Sherrie said...

I can't wait to see all the other fun treasures from your road trip. It looks like you scored on these. Good for you. Please show more.

Shelley Germann said...

Oh, I love seeing your finds! Is this the Worlds Largest Garage Sale that runs down Hwy 61? (if my memory is working) We used to live in Chattanooga and this was such a fun event! I would love to know what portion you traveled! Fun stuff!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Love it when I find a treasure and it doesn't matter if I need to do some scrubbing. ;)

Chatty Crone said...

Oh Linda - I have to admit you got some really nice 'white' and I know how you love it. sandie

sissie said...

Hi Linda,
I love seeing all your loot! You found lots of good pieces and sweet treasures.
You are a bargaineer too, love that!


Claire de Lune said...

Thank you so much for visiting. I appreciate your kind words.

I love the white planter. I never find them in white, I have plenty of green & turquoise, but I really like this white one and the shape is different too. Cool Stuff!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you found some amazing goodies-I wish yard sales over here were full of these kinds of amazing things. All I seem to find is junk!

Best wishes,

Sharyn said...

Beautiful Finds!! Great prices. You are making me dream of having milk glass! Sharyn@ La Vie en Chic

gail said...

love all your planters and pretty dishes!
thanks for visiting me!

Anonymous said...

hi linda, followed you from yard sale snoop... you're killing me here with your colour coordinated eye candy! i'm so jealous of the prices of your milk glass...our local thrift place has realized people like these, and jacked their prices from pennies up to starting at $4.99. and they are now just sitting there on the shelf. now $4.99 isn't a lot in the real world, but in the thrift world, it's a little scandalous... sigh... i'll just come drool over your deals, i think.

(loved the pink and aqua above too!)

see you around blogland :)
~ ana

Diann said...

Oh, I am loving all this white and red! I have one of the same dishes as the first picture (little bowl) and I just got one of the divided pyrex dishes (no lid here either)

Cottage Panache said...

Just found your blog via a comment on Tattered and Tarnished. Are we perhaps twins ~ seperated at birth?! I have a section of my store that is named Arte a la Carte in which I have the ingredients for altered art and I see many of your found treaures pictures that I have come across and purchased/sold in my shoppe! What a ko-ingki-dink! Must follow!
:) Maureen