Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I need your help!  I want to go with Linda on the 
World's Longest Yard Sale! 
I promise to be good!

My Friend Sue from RUE MOUFFETARD gave me to Linda for her Birthday back in June.  I've been so good since then but when heard she and Mr. ALC were going on this trip I have been begging to go.  Just think of all the fun things I could see!  I might even be able to help her find some Flamingos, although none would be as cute as me!!
I asked her new Rabbit to help since she seems so fond of him but he said I was on my own!  He was happy right where he was.
I even talked to her tomatoes but to no avail
So now I'm asking for your help!
Please leave a comment and let her know you think I should go
Oh and the biggest part....I need a name!  Yep she says I can't go unless someone comes up with the perfect name for me!!

With a PERFECT name for me...........? 
I promise whoever names me will get a prize! 
So what are you waiting for?  She leaves tomorrow!!

Thanks from the Flamingo without a name!!


Chatty Crone said...

Paradise (pair of dice) My GS suggested it. LOL

Have fun and I think you should take him so he can help you find some more flamingos.


Betty said...

Since I can't go you must take Flamingo Frieda, 'cause she is so helpful and cheery and I know she will bring back wonderful stories, just like you. (There, did I suck up enough?)

Debbie said...

Have fun about Fanny Flamingo..seeing we sit on our fannies so often to blog..

Debbie said...

Or I should say Flamingo fanny!

Vonlipi said...

How about Pinky Joe the flamingo? Do take him pleeeeaaassseee! I would take Henry if he asked me nicely!

Have a great weekend my thrifty friend I hope you find lotsa goodies!

jennjp0518 said...

Hmm, i think you should name her Kirby! Kirby the flamingo! She can go with you to all the yard sales keeping an eye on the Curb for special tresures! :) Kirby is also the name of a pink puffball on a game.
Or you could name her Falesyia, which means exotic! :) Or Thrify the famingo! I can't decide. So i have 3 LOL!

Amanda said...

I also vote Pinky. I hope you get to go!

Anonymous said...

I vote that you take her along. How about Felcia? It means lucky. Which is you going to that sale. LUCKY LADY!

Douce France..... said...

I think you should be name " Flalinda " !
Have a Nice trip and ring back a lot of goodies!

Susan said...

Hi Linda....Take the flamingo. Her new name is Pinkalina! How's that? ORRRRRRRR, Pinkalingo, the Flamingo. Yeah. I like that better. Ha! Susan

sissie said...

I would name her Frances Fancy Pants! Love her long pink legs. I bet she will be much more agreeable when you can get her some monogrammed shirts.


Tara said...

"LJ"...Linda Junior!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Pinkie Flamingo - - - of COURSE you should go!!! Tell Mrs. ALC that she has always enjoyed Brunhilda and Borris when THEY do their travelogues, so she should give YOU a chance too!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I think she looks like Ms P. K. Flatley (aka Pink Kute)!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh of course you should go! Sue needs the company -- I vote "Pinky long legs"!


Hi Linda,
It was fun to see the swap goodies you rec'd. Very nice :)
I think "wilma" or "betty" would be fun names for her :) or "thelma" ...there are so many fun names to pick.
Have FUN!!!
deb :)

BECKY said...

Hi Linda! What a cute idea....and since you're going to be buying something for ME...because, YAY, I won the prize....I really want you to take your adorable flamingo! I can't suggest a name, though, because I already won the prize of you buying me something! (Also because I really can't think of anything cuter than the ones already suggested!!)

Pondside said...

Very cute - and spooky too, because I also posted the word flamingo this evening.
How about Frannie?

Thmini2 said...

L.L. Flamingo, (long legged) because she will need those long legs to keep up with you. Bargain Betty because she always goes for the bargains. Of course she has to go with you!!

Queenie said...

What a cute post Linda.... please please take her along with you...I can tell she wants to go bad...she's already trying to talk to tomatoes honey, just think of what she'll be like if you leave her there by herself :)
About the name....hmmm, You could name her Georgianna...that way, wherever her travels may lead...her name will serve as a reminder that her heart and home will always be in Georgia, with you...where she truly belongs.
Hope you have a wonderful trip...
Big hugs,