Saturday, August 14, 2010


It's been a long week and finally the last post on the yard sale finds.  This is just the last few bit's of this and that
This was one of our favorite signs we saw!  
We stopped at this guys place
This sign cracked me up!
The guy who owns this place said he travels and just sells his junk for nine days during the Worlds Longest Yard Sale
Love his garage
He mostly had man junk but I found one thing for Mr ALC
This Wonderful Art Deco Clock
Still has the really old cord and plug (bakelite) He loves it and will clean it and work on it...he will hopefully get it working

I came upon a lady with several boxes of junk Easter and Christmas stuff...she said fill a small paper bag for $1....I did!
These are the Easter items
These are the Christmas items
Mostly junk but for $1 I had fun and most of the eggs are ceramic
This stack of Fiesta Plates was a bargain
Saucers and salad plates
This plate was a quarter and I love it
This will hang in my breakfast nook along with the other Rooster plates
Lots of roadside tents and Funnel Cakes
Didn't have any but yum!
Homemade rides for the kids!
Very cool booth that travels on a trailer!
This little item made me smile
Do you know what it is?  
Made in Japan...
One last item, this very pretty violet teacup!

So that's it!  All my finds on the 
World's Longest Yard Sale for 2010

Tomorrow I will show you my favorites and the prizes I am sending the winners of my contests! 

See you then!



Jane said...

Such great stuff. One of these days I'm going to get to that sale. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh what fun that sale must be! Someday, someday. . . . Cass

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Linda Sweetie...
What a beautiful share. I have so enjoyed my journey to the longest yard sale. What fun it has been. I love your little 1.00 bag items. Isn't it amazing what we can fit in a little bag. Especially when we know it's a great deal. I love it.

Now what is that little owl for? Can it hold little flowers? Can it hold pens and pencils? I don't know, but you got to tell me. It will drive me nuts I tell ya.

Oh thanks for sharing with me. I love the little trailer that is also a selling stand, now how cool is that? I love the clock you found for DH. How wonderful that is.

Have a gorgeous Sunday tomorrow sweet friend. As always a wonderful share. Love ya girl, Sherry

Vonlipi said...

The owl is a cigarette holder. I love all your fun finds. I hope to make it one day.

Thanks for sharing :)

Annesphamily said...

Linda you found some terrific treasures. whenever I see Fiesta Ware I think of my sweet Aunt Ang. She used it all the time and my uncle would not eat off of a cold plate. She always warmed those plates in the oven before dinner. I love that sweet memory of her. Come visit me soon. Anne

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

You sure did get a lot. Love the fiesta ware and the rooster plate. Not sure what that owl is. Toothbrush holder? Don't know.

Sherrie said...

You keep showing things I already own. That rooster plate, yup I got it. Great minds think alike or we just both have good taste. I would say that your lawnsaling was extremely successful. I am soooooo jealous, but at least it was someone nice deserving to have a fun time.

Mimi said...

What fun you must have had...I had two of those rooster plates but recently gave them to a friend.

Claudie said...

YOU WON YOU WON... Homemaking in high heels...... YOU WON YOU WON
GOing to bed now " )

My name is PJ. said...

My favorite is the deco clock, Linda! What a great haul!!!!

gail said...

Hi Linda-thanks for being so sweet and reading and commenting on my blog. Love all your treasures. I'd love to go on a road trip right about now.

vintagesusie & wings said...

Oh Linda,
What fun friend!!! I soooo would love to go to the longest garge sale in the world!!!
That little owl is adorable. I would think it was either a flower frog or a cig putter outter. Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds.

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

"Hi Linda"... I've joined your followers! LOVE those sales too AND at the moment I'm looking for some pyrex this and thats(How about that)... Love all the goodies you took home, that was fun, and "YES" that's and "L", Of course it is!!!
Hugs, Donna

Chatty Crone said...

So this was really a nice time - with food and all. Were there a lot of kids there too? I love open 9 days a week.