Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today has been a busy day.  Laundry, finishing chores, taking photos for future posts.  Yep busy and why??  Tomorrow I leave on my "Road Trip" to Texas.  I am going to visit my Mother and Brother & Sis In Law and other family members in Houston.  I will be staying there several weeks so I'm trying to get it together to leave. 
 Your going where???  Who will feed me???

The "boys" will stay here (Mister and Charlie the Cat).  They have instructions to take care of each other and water my plants.   I will miss them a lot but need to go spend some time with my Mom.

One of the things I need to do in 'taking care of business' is acknowledge an award I've been given.  
I have been lucky to have two of my fellow bloggers award this to me.  First was my friend Sandie from CHATTY CRONE  I must say Sandie gave me this award several weeks ago and I've been slow to acknowledge it.  Thanks Sandie for thinking of me.  Today I was given this award again this time by Karen Sue at SUE BEE AND BUTTERFLIES  So I guess no more procrastination.  Thanks to both of you very sweet friends for thinking I deserve this.  I was asked to pass this on and here are my nominees...(whoops got a little Academy Awardish there) 

* I can't think of anyone who brings more sunshine to my day then JENNY MATLOCK  and her blog of the same name.  This gal has me in stitches most days and is a breath of sunshine! 

**TARA of the blog Tara in the ATL is a sweet young woman and has been doing a lot of couponing lately and doing a grand job of it.  Join in her adventures of being a young wife in the ATL(Atlanta).

***My friend Diann is a wonderful treasure to the blogging world.  Her wonderful blog THE THRIFTY GOOOVE is a fun place to visit.  She always has great thrifty ideas, thrift store finds and right now she is spreading lots of sunshine doing a great month of giveaways for her one year Blog Anniversary. 

I hope you will take a moment and visit all these great ladies!

Back to the road trip, I will be blogging and thrifting while I am away from home so don't worry you won't have to miss me too much.  Just a note to keep in mind, this is my 86th post and this means I will be hitting the big 100 sometime in March.  I will be having a giveaway so stay tuned!

So while spring is on it's way I will be driving through some of our beautiful country and enjoying it's many sights and sounds. 



Chatty Crone said...

I was just shutting down for the night and checked this before I went to bed.

I am glad you are using the Sunshine award because your blog is full of sunshine - times 2.

Your cat Charlie is beautiful! What a great picture - your two misters will miss you lots.

Be careful on the road, have fun with your family, and don't forget to blog about your journey . . .


Oliva said...

Have a fun and safe trip. Enjoy every minute with family, and hope you acquired great finds on your trip! Hugs

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Congrats on your award, well deserved!

Have a great trip, too! :-)

Have a wonderful week!

Claudie said...

Well look at the two of us leaving on a little trip. I'm sorry I will miss you in GA., but I will talk to you when I return in April.
Be safe dear friend...and oh tomorrow night...the Jason/Molly wedding. Did you hear Jake is going to be on the next "dancing with the stars?" be still my heart.
Love You
Love Claudie

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your visits. Your mom must be so excited for you to be coming. I'm so glad you'll still be posting. Be safe and take care out there on the road.

Jane said...

Have a safe trip to Houston. I hope you enjoy your time with your family. I'm glad you'll get some thrifting time in....I couldn't go too long without thrift shopping.

Diann said...


First off...GIRL YOU WON THE ROOSTER PLATES!!! let me know if you want me to wait to ship them until you return home.

Thank you so much for the sweet award!

And have lots of fun and be safe on your trip. And you know I am gonna want to see some fun thrifty treasures from your road trip!

Jenna said...

Love visiting your blog and happy to know you will be taking us along for a ride! Havent been in texas in almost 15 years! I bet not much has changed! LOL Mall is still an hour away from my Aunts house! LOL

My name is PJ. said...

Road trips can be so much fun! Family time can be so much fun! I do believe that you are going to be having so much fun!

Be safe. Find some fabulous thrifty treasures!

Chickens in the Basement said...

Happy traveling! I am struggling with a bit of wunderlust right now and would love to pack my bags and hit the road with no destination in mind!

Be safe and have fun!


Have a great time on your trip!

Susan said...

Wow! Have fun, Linda. Wish I could go with you. I LOVE to travel. Will look forward to your posts! Sincerely, Susan from

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Linda! Have a wonderful visit with your mom! Enjoy your trip!...hugs...Debbie

Douce France..... said...

Have a nice time with your mom!
Enjoy and be safe.

Sue said...

Have a safe trip to Texas and enjoy your time with your Mom...Hope to see you when you get back....Sue.

sissie said...

Hi Linda,
Have a wonderful trip to visit your Mom. Your kitties will take care of things while you are gone, so don't worry.

Hope you find lots of goodies.


Queenie said...

Hey Linda,
Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip... It looks like your sweet kitty misses you already! :)
I sure will be looking forward to seeing the pictures of your travels.
Big Hugs,

Queenie said...

P.S. Congratulations on your awards!