Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

In trying to think of something "Green" for St. Patrick's Day
I looked around the house and here is what I found.
  I am sure you all recognize this bag...if not this exact one you at least 'know' what it is right?
I bought this bag yesterday since I'm in Texas
This bag came with me and is one of my favorites
Yes dear friends the latest 'trend' bring your own bag to shop
 How many do you own?

Are they in the back seat of your car?  Ready to take in the store?
Well, that is if you remember them!
Seems like a really great idea but do you use them??
HERE are 25 Reasons to Go Reusable
Wow, that was pretty informative! 
Does that make you want to use them now??
Maybe you have heard the stories about bacteria in reusable bags
so read THIS
so no more excuses!
So my bag of recyclable bags is going with me shopping!
Another great blogging friend Paula at Castle And Cottage Signs
has a great post today!  Please check it out HERE
Her post inspired my Going Green today!

This is my 99th post and this morning I had my 100th follower!! 
Giveaway on the next post!

Go Green!!



Diann said...

Woohoo on a 100 followers!! It of course doesn't not surprise me in the least!

Oh yeah, I have a ton of reusable bags. And I use them!

When I go thrifting, I have them. I buy a lot of dishes and other breakables (really Diann? LOL) and if I can't get a bo, I would much rather use these strong cloth bags than their flimsy plastic ones. I have had bags break and a few of my treasures broke as well. Not a happy thing!

A friend and I when, when we exchange gifts with each other, instead of gift bags, we look for cute reusabe bags to put ur gifts in.

Target gives you a nickle back on your purchases for every reusable bag you use instead of one of their plstic bags. It desn't have to be a Target bag either.

Hope you are having lots of fun!

Troy said...

I feel like this should be the part where we cut to a clip of Kermit the Frog singing "It's Not Easy Being Green".

Plastc bags are just so doggone convenient that sometimes it's easier to just use them, and forget about the impact and implication.

I confess, I take the easy route in life much more often than I should, but I'm getting better.

This was a very informative green post.

From the Kitchen said...

Your post gave me a chuckle today. Those reusable bags have become my latest "collection" craze. They're only a few dollars each time I add to the collection. My favorites are from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Now for a way to display them!!!!!


Chatty Crone said...

Linda, you know what my problem is with these bags? And I have them -in the back of my car - I forget to bring them in with me!

I do think they are a great idea.