Tuesday, June 1, 2010


If you are a regular reader of A La Carte you know I have ties to Texas...in fact I was born there!  June 9, 1950 in Corpus Christi!
So I am a Texan because as my Mama says...
Once a Texan always a Texan!!
I have a collection of items with the 
Don't Mess With Texas 
slogan on them.  I love the red white and blue
and the Texas Star
I thought I would share with you the origins of 
"Don't Mess With Texas!"
The phrase is a registered Trademark of the Texas Department of Transportation and is part of a statewide advertising campaign started in 1986 to reduce littering on Texas roadways.
The phrase was prominently shown on road signs on major highways, as well as in television, radio and print advertisements. The campaign is credited with reducing litter on Texas highways 72% between 1986 and 1990.
More than its immediate success at reducing litter, however, the slogan became a Texas cultural phenomenon and the slogan has been appropriated by the citizens of Texas for general use.
Though it appears on countless items of tourist souvenirs, the phrase is actually a federally registered trademark; the department has tried at times to enforce its trademark rights, with limited success. The slogan is a frequently cited example of Texan cultural elitism.
Twenty years after its introduction, the success and popularity of "Don’t Mess with Texas" has earned it a spot among the best advertising slogans ever. "Don’t Mess with Texas" has been awarded a plaque on the Madison Avenue Walk of Fame and a place in the Advertising Hall of Fame a distinction given to only two slogans annually.
"Don’t Mess with Texas" is also the official motto of the Virginia-class submarine USS Texas.

This is a fun collection for me
And one of you will get this
If you win my final Birthday giveaway
A few of my Favorite Things
Check back for the details on June 3rd
I'm joining up with my friend Troy for his weekly party

There is a very cool 'tie-in' to Texas
OK, here's a hint
So be sure to check it out!!



Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Yeah, baby!
Preach it!
LOVE this post! :-)


Mimi said...

I won't mess with Texas...promise! LOL

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

A fun post Linda! All you Texas gals out there, I will remember to tread little around y'all!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Very nice and funny. I love that slogan! Being from NYC I would say that would make a good motto for us there as well!

Thanks for your comments. I really think all this is from the stress of my hubby being gone. Hoping it all leaves by the time he comes home!! Enjoy your day!

Nancy's Notes said...

Linda, that is one mighty fine post!! I'm a Texas Gal and mighty proud too!

Thanks for making me smile today!



Kathleen said...

My sister is arriving here from Texas this weekend. She lives in Arlington..more than 30 yrs now..but she still likes to come home to Long Island! Hope we get some nice beach days!

Chatty Crone said...

I know this - people from Texas are very proud of their state and a lot of pretty women are from Texas! sandie

rose said...

good to hear about your Texas connection. my granddau. lives in the dallas tx area. rose