Friday, May 14, 2010


I love gardens!  Not gardening.....but gardens!  My problem how do you get a beautiful garden without gardening?  You can't unless you have mega $$ to spend for someone else to do it...I don't so I have admired gardens from afar!  Last year when we bought our house we were lucky that the previous owners like gardening!  They planted lots of beautiful plants around the yard and I have shared some of those photos with you.  It has inspired me, let's say, to put my toe in the dirt!  Not being one to rush into things, I went to Lowe's and searched out some lovely marked down plants to put in pots on my deck.   I really lucked out and found some very nice plants marked down to 50 and 75 cents each!  I figured I can kill cheap plants as well as expensive so let's try cheap first!
I had some pots already and bought one larger one to try a multi-plant arrangement.  I got to work and it was fun to play in the dirt!

Of course Charlie was there to help but he must stay on the screened porch so he just watched and put in his two cents.
Very Helpful!
Here is the first one and I like it.  Now once they grow (being optimistic here) it will be as pretty or prettier then those $30 planters they sell at Lowe's!
 I put the larger dragonfly stake in it!
 This is suppose to have lots of trailing flowers!
 These two look good with my bird houses and some old
plants I hope will grow back!
This has a sweet potato vine in the front and they make beautiful hanging baskets once the get growing.  I was so proud of myself when I finished these.  I know all you 'gardeners' are laughing but a girl has to start somewhere!
So now it's up to me to make sure I water them
Make sure they get enough sun
 Or Shade
And Pray!
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Sandy said...

Very nice potting..
In another month or two your deck will be blooming all over and will look wonderful!
I'm an avid gardener. Although I have have the worlds worst soil in my yard.. Florida acid and salt and sand... I found if I dig a hole, put in "Good Garden Soil" then the plant,
I put up a new "Header Photo" yesterday of my "Black Eyed Susan's". Now 'they' grew without any help from me....
Let me read more of your blog!

Terra said...

I planted my pots. Two days later I had to move them to garage for SNOW. YUP. They haven't been able to come back out yet...too COLD. Bummer

Fonville Farm said...

The plants look great! You better watch out gardening can be addictive! Good luck with them:)

The Vintage Attic said...

Hey you did great, I love gardening, I'm not great at it but I love it. When your pots grow full with beautiful flowers you will be so proud of the job you did. There is nothing like going to my back yard and cutting fresh flowers, herbs or veggies that you plant.


Chatty Crone said...

Hey - love your 'garden' and your 'gardening'! I bet with a little TLC they will be beautiful.

Hey you got Robin to comment on your blog - cool.

Okay - my computer is not letting me recieve any emails today. They are looking at it. It's been a long lonely day!


Chickens in the Basement said...

Pretty plants! Hopefully ya'll are getting more rain than we are. I'm sure your pots will be overflowing soon.

Julie Harward said...

I love pots too...they are so fun and you can move them anywhere! :D

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

You expressed my thoughts so well - how do you get a beautiful garden without all of the work? You'll have to show us the progress of these flowers. That little cart is so cute. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

Sue said...

good job with the potting....last time I tried that I got a staph infection that lasted 2 months and many many prescriptions of antibiotics....I stay in the house now!!...have a great weekend....Sue

GrannySue said...

Oh how pretty. Good job. I don't mind gardening, in fact, I really like it when I have the time, but I simply cannot do potted plants. Yours look terrific.

xinex said...

Nice container plants, will even be nicer after they fill out...Christine

Sylvia said...

You did great...I find that it's very relaxing for me when I garden. Super cute blog background...


Holly said...

The woman who lived in my house had beautiful plants (I did a post last week about them)...I love gardening...but kill most things. Your garden looks lovely. The bird house are so cute too. THANKS for linking up.

Anonymous said...
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Charlotte said...

You sound like me! Love the plants, don't like the work it takes to keep them! That's why I try to find plants that will come back every year and take care of themselves! Good luck with your flowers! Remember, they are living things and need water. That's where I mess up!:)

My name is PJ. said...

I enjoy potted plants, but I find when I have them outdoors I forget to water them!

Yours are lovely. Charlie is a ham!

Mimi said...

Linda, I am the same way, I don't really like all that tedious work of gardening (meaning weeding) a whole lot, but do love my flowers...I have only perennials that are planted real close together so any weeds have to fight for their real estate! Your planted pots are going to beautiful in another month or so.

Anonymous said...

You'll be hooked in no time. When those babies get full and lush, you'll feel just like happy plant mom. Gardening is very expensive. I use seeds in a lot of places to cut costs, too. Good luck, and show them again when they grow up!

Gayla said...

I am impressed with all your work. Those flowers will be beautiful all summer. I am not a gardener either but I love flowers... Your planters look like an expert green thumb did them!

Liz said...

Good for you! People better not knock it - container gardening is gardening just the same. Good luck!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks like you are off to a good start - they are pretty and healthy looking. I really depend on potted annuals to spiffy things up around here. The ground in the flower beds is full of rock and mostly shade, so have to work around it.
Enjoy your weekend.

Annesphamily said...

Nice gardening friend! We are heading out for our morning walk and then I am going to work in my yard. The back is a desolate mess but the front is shaping up and I have lots of flowers to plant..The backyard will take shape later this summer. We are all working hard to add our signature to it.

Happy Sunday to you! I hope I win your giveaway!


Diann said...

Hi Linda!

All these flowers are going to look so beautiful on your deck when they bloom! Looks like you had a busy "Playing in the dirt" day! I wish I could plant some flowers now. Last night the temps dropped down to 36 degrees. We have a couple more weeks before we can plant annuals.

Ruth said...

They look beautiful!! I love gardens, too. I'm not so great at the gardening.

I stopped by from 504 Main.


A Write Life said...

I love gardens, um, flowers too. And I don't have a green thumb. Thought your efforts were beautiful. Good luck.