Saturday, January 23, 2010


I would not NORMALLY share this with the whole blogging world but all of you are my friends and well friends tell each other stuff like this so here goes:

Yesterday HH and I drove over to Augusta, Ga to meet a fellow junker that HH had won something from in an online auction.  Normally he would have had it shipped but we decided to go and meet this guy and also look at some other fabulous things he and a friend had.  I found some wonderful items and will share these with you on Monday.

We stopped by this rather large Antique Mall and since we were in a hurry we ran through the place pretty quickly.  For HH this means he checks it out and is in the car perusing his other goodies while I continue to scan the booths in search of?  well something that catches my eye but doesn't cost a lot since I had just spent most of my junkin budget.  I did find a very cute item in a 50% off booth.  Took it to the front, paid for it and left.  As I'm walking across the parking lot I see HH in the car looking over his previously purchased treasures.  He sees me coming and starts putting them away.  He looks up....where did I go?  Oh there I am, but why am I sitting on the ground in the parking lot...  He leaps out of the car and comes to my rescue!   Yep my dear friends I was walking briskly and a huge, I mean the size of a boulder (ok maybe not that large, but large! ok medium? oh all right smal) rock was there and I stepped on it, turned my ankle and down I went!  I sat there stunned!  Not that this was the first time I have fallen, I have these little feet for my height (that's my theory anyway) and I sometimes turn my ankle, loose my balance and fall.  I skinned my knee and twisted my back and neck.    THE GOOD NEWS???  Nothing was broken and by that I mean my little treasure I found.
It's Pink, It's a Creamer and well...I just love it!!

 So glad it did not break!  I'm OK but like a little sore today! Sigh...the things I do for junk!

 One note, I am so glad there were not a lot of people in that parking lot and also that there were NO PHOTOS!   Me sprawled on the ground, not pretty!

Speaking of pretty..Margo's Junkin Journal Is having a giveaway!
So head on over check it out and check out the Fabulous Margo and her wonderful Blog!

See you tomorrow for Silver Sunday!



Lemondrop Marie said...

we sometimes must suffer for our junk, it's true. Happy PS!
Happy PS Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Claudia said...

You are okay, thank goodness! I turn my ankle easily, too - when I least expect it! Love your new creamer.

Happy PS!

Tara said...

Glad you are okay!!!

Jenna said...

Im Just glad you are ok, and so is that cute creamer! Yes, oh what we going thrifting 9 months preggo, wanting something at the bottom shelf, couldnt bend down fearing i woouldnt be able to get back up. Sooo I sat there! So embarressing! But I bought the silver trays, for 1.50!!!

happy hunting!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

You are okay... and the pink treasure was saved!!!!!! There must not have been a blogger in the parking lot~ we all have our cameras.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I have a lot of weight balanced on size 5 feet and tiny ankles...I go sprawling, too...but it sounds like you REALLY fell, HARD!!! Ouch! It's awful to get skinned up! Glad your precious pink treasure did not get dropped during the fiasco!!!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Well Ouch! I wish I could say I had too little feet for these long legs, but I have to say I have two left feet and they sometimes forget to step Right over Boulders, Rocks and Pebbles! Too bad that 'Great Creamer' is'nt a pitcher! It could at least hold some ice for the ankle. Sure is a great find and it's PINK! Take care and mend well...Sue


Glad to hear you and the creamer are A-OKAY.. OUCH!!! Pretty pink one at that.
Rest up tonight.
Deb :)

Patricia said...

Happy Pink Saturday. What beautiful photos all in Pink.Such a great find - I love the softness of the cream and sugar. Please have a wonderful new week.

Catherine said...

Oh, I love that little pitcher! Pink is my favorite color, and I always have to have the little pitchers and creamers and such.

Sorry about the injury... sounds like something that I would do. Hope you're not too sore!
Catherine :)

sissie said...

I'm just like you, I would have worried more about breaking my little treasure than I would hurting myself! Boy, the torture we put ourselves through when on the hunt!
I'm glad you are okay and that you weren't wearing a skirt! LOL
Happy Pink Saturday.

Susan Wicker said...

So glad you are okay. I would have been just as mortified as you were to fall in the parking lot. But thank GOODNESS the little sweet pitcher is as a-okay as you are! Sincerely, Susan from

Joyce said...

Ouch! Glad you are OK and just sore. Ah the things we do for a bargain hunt:)

Chickens in the Basement said...

Well, Miss Grace, I'm glad your pretty pink creamer is still in tact. We really could be twins! Miss Grace is my knick-name too.

Lather up in neosporin and maybe an aspirin or two.

CC said...

I love this sweet little creamer..the soft shade of vintage pink, well,I just love it. So happy you didn't injure yourself badly, but I know you still hurt.

Charmingdesigns said...

last mo. I was walking briskly and went to step up on the curb...which was about an inch higher then most...and caught my foot, skinned myself up pretty good. Glad you're ok.

Anonymous said...

Oooo, so sweet and soft pink. Cameo by American Limoges is totally new to me. Neato :) Glad you are o.k.

Chatty Crone said...

Linda, I love the pink creamer and glad you didn't break it - better yet - you didn't break anything on you! Sandie

Polly said...

Hi Linda! I'm so glad you are ok after your fall! I empathize for you because I know what it's like to fall (a lot, unfortunately).

Take care!!