Friday, September 19, 2008


And what a week it has been!

Ike hit Houston and while my family did not suffer any major damage, they are still without power! I have had some trouble contacting them via phone but have had enough information to know they are all ok. My 78 year old Mom has taken this like a trooper! I am so proud of her!

Back at the home front, Carter and I continue to sift thru my belongings and try to merge our two households. We are taking our time as we both have full time jobs. I am finding that I am very happy in my new home! Three weeks and while we are still figuring it all out, we are doing great! The commute has been fine, even with the gas prices.

Carter and I have managed to include a little fun into the week. Last weekend we went to a Photography Store's "yard sale" and my oh my we had a good time. As most of you know Carter and I are true "junkies" and "collectors", well this was right up our alley. All these old cameras and equipment! We found some wonderful old light meters, just the coolest things! A guy that worked there seemed to delight in our joy of finding these light meters and before we knew it he had brought us several more. Ignore the price tag he kept saying. We had a box of finds and he gave us a price of $10! Oh yes and so we now have another "collection" and more inventory!

The weather has cooled down and I am enjoying this even if the ragweed is making my nose run and my eyes itch. Still it is a beautiful time of the year. This weekend we are planning more work around the house and of course some fun! After all that is what life is all about.

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