Sunday, September 14, 2008


LAST WEEKEND...was the last of my moving and then the dreaded cleaning of the duplex! It was hot and humid but with Carter's help we got it done. Took a couple of loads to the thrift shop and a couple more loads home,but finally got the place empty! Sat we cleaned until around 4pm, got cleaned up and took a break to go to a concert. Carter is a big fan of Chris Isaak's and he was playing in Peachtree City at "THE FRED", it's an outdoor amphitheater alot like Chastain only smaller. We got lawn seats and they had beach chairs for us to use. It was a lovely rainy night, but the show goes on rain or shine. We had a great view of the stage and with cheese, crackers and a bottle of wine we were set. We had forgotten our ponchos,but had trash bags to keep us dry. Like I said I wasn't really familiar with his music but let me tell you I AM A FAN! He was awesome. Chris is very influenced by Roy Orbison (PRETTY WOMAN) and it shows, but more then his music is his personality. He just won me over. It started to rain and it was a pretty decent shower when Chris Isaak's took a hand held microphone and came out from under the covered stage and right into the rain with his audience! He sang a couple of songs out there and really let us know he appreciated us! I have never seen an artist do that. Carter bought me the coolest
t-shirt from the event! 

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