Sunday, October 5, 2008


My Mom who will turn 78 this month, lives in Houston and recently went through quite an experience. She stayed in her house during hurricane Ike and then endured 10 days without electricity. I have spent several hours without power, but 10 days! My Mom was lucky to have very caring neighbors. A wonderful couple who live across the street, Ricky & Angela Smith, who provided her with ice and warm food. They checked on her several times a day and helped her with any thing that needed doing, A friend of Angela's brought Mom her small generator to use once she got power herself. Kathy then came by everyday to make sure it was running, checked on the gas to run the generator (which she also brought) and provided Mom with some bread and milk. I was so very happy to know that my Mom was so well taken care of when I was so far away. I called her everyday (the phone worked) and she was a real trooper during a very long week! So when I think I miss the "good old days" when neighbors knew each other watched out for each other, I can just look to Sagepark Lane in Houston, Texas and see that the kindness of neighbors still exists!

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