Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Turning 80 can be Fun!  We decided to have Mom's party at a local Chinese Buffet Restaurant.  All the family was to gather there and then come back to the house for cake. Mom was in for a big surprise when we arrived.  Her sister from Corpus Christi, TX had driven up for the party and her brother from Calif had flown in.  I don't think I have ever seen my Mom so surprised as when she walked in and saw my Uncle Jim!  We all about cried she was so happy!  All of Mom's surviving siblings were there and it really meant so much to her.  There were her children, her Grandkids (except one...my Sara who lives in GA and couldn't make it) and all three of her Great Grands were there.  Add some nieces and friends and it was quite the gathering!  
My Aunt Betty (left) who also lives in Houston
Then my Uncle Jim from Calif and his wife Sylvia!
I hadn't seen them in over 30 years! 
My Brothers wonderful children
Amanda and Marshall
I was so happy my beautiful daughter Ashleigh was able to make the trip.  My Mom was thrilled! 
My sister in law Sherrie in black and next to her my cousin Karen
Mom opening cards!
My nephew Marshall, his lovely wife Lacy 
They have 3 gorgeous children
Brenna, Kobie and Mia!
This is really a small portion of our very large 
extended family!
  I want to thank my cousin Heather for taking some of the many photos you have seen here...

Enter HERE!

My Mom and I thank you for all your sweet
Birthday wishes!  I am so blessed to still have my wonderful Mother and to be able to share this special occasion with her and you!



gail said...

Hi Linda-first of all, wow your mom does NOT look 80!!!! God Bless Her!
and what a lovely picture of the two of you together. You are both so blessed....I'm glad you all had a wonderful time, and thank you for sharing your pictures.
I am up at my daughter's for 3 days babysitting. Can't figure out email and I'm on a mac computer which I can't really navigate very well. So I may not be blogging much-don't have my camera either. I'll email you when I get home, though.

Vonlipi said...

What a wonderful birthday party for your Mom!

I'm so glad you shared this with us. I'm also glad to have seen your smiling face :)

Vintage Christine said...

Oh oh oh! I'm sooo jealous! Your mom looks just incredible and you have the most beautiful family and I LOVE that her siblings were able to give her such a wonderful surprise. What great memories for everyone!!!!!

Douce France..... said...

It is so important that families get together!
Happy 80th Birthday to your Mom.
And many more memories like this!

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Wow, what a wonderful event. Happy Birthday to your mom. She looks great and the photo of the 2 of you together is so nice. That's one to frame!

Red Couch Recipes said...

No, I dodn't think turning 80 would seem so bad with all your loving family around you! Great pics and so glad your mom had such a great day! Joni

~~Carol~~ said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! It looks like she had a wonderful birthday, at one of my favorite restaurants, surrounded by family. That last picture is a real keeper!

Susan said...

Good afternoon, Linda. What beautiful photos. I just loved looking through them. Thank you so much for sharing your Mother's birthday event with all of us. I'm happy to hear she was so surprised to see everyone, especially her brother. And you hadn't seen your Uncle Jim and Aunt Sylvia in 30 years! Oh my goodness, that's a very long time. You all are spread out all out all over the place, aren't you? Wow.

Your daughter Ashleigh is very pretty. Did you both make the trip together?

It's so wonderful that so many folks were able to turn up to help your Mom celebrate her 80th. :-) Birthdays can be such a joy and when you have those you love around you... what could be better?

Blessings to you today and hugs!

Christine said...

I know your mother was so surprised and enjoyed all the fun time with family. I love birthdays!

Julie Harward said...

Your mom is so cute! What a fun family get together too. Love the little witch on the header..so cute! ;D

Mom Walds Place said...

As my uncle says, "Turning older is better than the alternative." ;)

A Hopeful Heart said...

Sounds like a fabulous time!! How wonderful that so many people were able to make it, especially those that you haven't seen in years. What a joyous day it was for your mom.


Jane said...

What a wonderful party!! Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mother. It is so nice that all of your family was able to travel and be with her to help celebrate.

GardenofDaisies said...

Family gatherings are always so special!! Nothing can a beat spending time with the people you love most! Happy birthday to your Mom!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

What a fun party! Thanks for iniviting us, Lynn! I'd like another piece of cake, please... ;-)

Glad your mom had so much fun!


Sheila :-)

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Linda, it is hard to believe that your mother is 80 years old! She looks great, and you look so pretty in the photo with her. What a wonderful surprise for her b'day. How wonderful that so many family members could join in. I'm sure this will be a party everybody will talk about for years! laurie

Anonymous said...

I love how the family of all ages gathered to celebrate your mom's birthday. It's important that young ones honor their grandparents, and bonds them to their families. Your mom looks good. I'm glad she got to see loved ones on her day.


Susan said...

Well my GOSH,Linda. That looked like a royal blast. SOOOOO happy you and your sweet family all got together to celebrate. Isn't that what life is all about? It's wonderful to celebrate the happy occasions. Susan

Chatty Crone said...

That was just such a wonderful party Linda - you mom looked so happy - I am sure she will spend many days thinking back about this day. Everyone looked great.


Deb said...

Your mom looks so young for her age. Good genes, Linda. Glad you had a fun time. Deb =^..^=x5

BECKY said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your beautiful mom, Linda! She and you both look fabulous in that photo! You're a wonderful daughter!

the cape on the corner said...

that looks like a lot of people to me, and you say that's a small portion? yeesh. so glad your mom was surpised about the special visitors.

chicken and dumplings, yes, i think that must be comforting! good call!

Diann said...

Hi Linda!

that was so awesome that so many people turned up for your moms birthday! I am so glad she had fun!!

Annesphamily said...

Your mom is so well loved. I suppose that is why we all love Linda so much! Hee Hee! You are one sweet lady. Your mom had a very sweet birthday bash! That is very cool that her siblings were able to attend.I think family time is so precious. We need to enjoy each moment because we never know if we will have one more tomorrow. HB to your mom many more times! I am glad you shared with us. Plus you have such a knack for finding those lonely s/p shaker singles! What a treat for you. You always have great success thrifting. You remind me of my niece Karla and my sis Mary! Hugs Anne