Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Wow can you believe that July is almost gone?
Just about a week from now I will be 
heading to the 
My first WLYS was in 2008 and I had just started to collect
milk glass.  I found several wonderful items on that weekend 
 and I want to share a few of them with you.

These three bowls were bought at different times
Two of them, the largest and the smallest are
made by the Indiana Glass Co and are in
pattern know as Wild Rose with leaves & berries
You can see the detail on this bowl is all on the outside
I love the little knob feet
 The details are amazing on both of these bowls
The one on the right I call sunflower but I was 
not able to find out any info on who the maker is
I have seen this bowl in amber before.  All of these were very inexpensive under $3 for the large and $1 for the smallest
I also collect egg cups and when I saw this milk glass one
I knew I wanted it!  A Lot!! 
Not $20 worth!  I asked best price, $10
I walked away and came back and looked again
This time he said OK $5
The details are amazing on this little guy! 
This is an old piece of Milk Glass and sold to me by this really 
neat man who had lots of old radios and man junk for Mr ALC to enjoy.  This was one of my first purchases!
We stopped at a large field and a few of the booths were really 'yard sales' and not dealers
this was 25 cents...yippee
We stopped where there were a few tables around a small store
Mostly just farmers in the area...I saw this piece and since I already had one like it from a Thrift store wasn't really looking to buy it
 until he said oh... 50 cents!!  Well I HAD understand!
So now I have two and they are so pretty and useful
This piece was bought at one of our last stops
The lady had a fair amount of Milk Glass and I liked this piece as it was different then anything I owned.  She had $3 on it and we bargained until I got it for $2
It's a very pretty piece! 

I am joining in for White Wednesday #58

This will be my 3rd year of
The World's Longest Yard Sale  
If you haven't heard of it check out the link for info
It covers 675 miles from 
Gadsden, Alabama to Hudson, Michigan
This year we are going to start in
Danville, Kentucky
and head south! 
So many have made comments about how much they wished they could go to this and how much fun it would be!
Well for those of you who can't go...I will shop for you!
That's Right! 
The winner of this contest will have me looking for a special something just for them!!  The winner will give a me a list of wishes and wants and loves and I will see what I can find! Sound like fun?  
All you have to do is be a follower and leave one comment letting me know one thing you would love to have me look for on the
World's Longest Yard Sale! 
We are going to make this a short contest
open until noon(eastern time) Sunday August 1st
This gives me a chance to contact the winner and get their list of wishes, wants and loves before we leave on Thursday!
So What are you waiting for?  
Leave me those comments!! 


Susan said...

Great finds, Linda. I love white ....anything. Always appealing. Great job! Susan

Julie Harward said...

Such unusual pieces, so pretty! I think you should open an antique have an eye for it! :D

Susan said...

Hi Linda! Oh! Forgot to add my comment. Anything for my dollhouse(s) would be sweet! And it wouldn't take up too much room. Okay? THANKS. Susan

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

I love milk glass to and I am going to have to show mine off one of the White Wednesdays. I love old well loved baskets. That would be my wish. I have many, but being a florist I am drawn to them, especially the ones that florist used in the 20's thru the 50's. They do not make them like that anymore. Thanks for sharing your milky whites with us.

Mimi said...

Linda, you have a great collection of milk glass. I use those little pedestal candy dishes, clear or milk glass, for potato salads, vegetables, etc., they are just about the right size for two people, some are even large enough for a crowd. I like using all of my treasures, this way I can justify adding to my dishes!
My wish list is a Colony milk glass dinner plate...just one, as I already have 3...but only if it is low cost, you know how cheap I am!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Well, to begin, those first 3 bowls are absolutely lovely. And you did pretty darn good on the rest too!

And next, thanks for hosting such a great give-away! How creative of you. I'd love to go to the yard sale, but living in NS may be somewhat of a problem.

So..... if I win, I'd love a piece of depression glass, a piece of jadite OR a pretty white bowl such as yours above.

Thanks so much. Fingers crossed!

Debbie said...

WOWza Dowzy doo on that Garage sale....we could really have a hootin howlin time! Love that rooster milk glass..super cute Linda!

A Hopeful Heart said...

I think milk glass is so pretty. I especially love your first three bowls and the 50 cent gotta-have-it fruit bowl. They are beautiful.

My mom has a collection of milk glass. Sadly, it's packed away in a box. I don't think she's unpacked it in nearly 30 years.

If I won your contest, I would be in search of desert rose china or pink depression glass.

Well, my dear, you have a wonderful day. I'm excited to get my teacup swap package in the mail tomorrow. Look for it sometime next week. (Or when you come back from your yard sale trip.)

Big hugs,

Leslie said...

What an awesome giveaway and an awesome collection. I have always wanted to go but seeing how I live in California it is a far stretch away. If you get to shop for me (please, please, fingers crossed, toes crossed), I love Pyrex, ceramic roosters and anything Paris or Eiffel Tower.

Thank you


Hi Linda,
Your milk glass collection is so pretty! Plus great prices.
I am JEALOUS of your going to the Longest garage sales and how very Wonderful to make such an offer!
I would LOVE for you to find white dishes with a pretty blue flower trim. I would pay for shipping also. A set for 2 would be fine! If you could find a vintage set...more awesome!!!
Thank you for this chance!!!
deb :)

Anitra Cameron said...

What lovelies! I don't think I'd ever seen a Pretzel pattern celery dish in milk glass ever, and my Mom collects milk glass, too. What a score, at $2!

That garage sale is amazing. I mean, AMAZING, and I would love to have you look for things for me! I've been a follower for a while now, and this is my comment, so now I'm going to ask you to look for...for...oh, my...uhm...colored Starlight depression glass (my husband collects Starlight and we've NEVER seen anything but crystal), little ceramic birds, anything creamware, broken jewelry. Or, saving the weird for last, any figurine that's in good condition but doesn't have a head!

~~Carol~~ said...

Linda, you are the Milk Glass Queen! You found alot of great pieces to add to your collection. And what a fun contest! I've always wanted my very own personal shopper! The thing that is at the top of my list right now is a little pink transistor radio. Or pink pottery. You're going to have so much fun Linda, and I can't wait to hear all about it!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, fun! I am a follower already, and let's see... I love a lot of things. There are just so many shiny objects in the world, Linda! Hmmm.... I love the real Staffordshire figurines, but they are generally waaaaaay out of my prince range. So that's not really practical. Oh, I know! I know! Amethyst glass goblets (with a stem). I would love to find some. I don't see that as much here. I would love to have four!

This is a fun thing you are doing here!


Sheila :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oops! I forgot to say thank you for the chance! :-)

Diann said...

Love the milk glass collection. Some really great pieces in there!

What a totally fun contest! Although i doubt I would need to tell you what kinds of things to look for (lets face it, you could shop your own house for me! LOL) But, something I have been looking for is red dishes/glasses. The holidays are coming up and I have little to no red table things!

Donna said...

Hi Linda,
I am already a follower of yours. And I am so envious that you will be going to that great sale! We will soon be having what is billed as "Michigan's longest garage sale" in our area, can't wait! So, if I just so happen to be the lucky winner, I really, really would love one of those neat basket wrapped vintage bottles. thanks!

Tootsie said...

OMG girl...I wish I could do this! I have no idea what I would want from there...just want something!!! I would give my left pinky to be able to see just a portion of this awesome is famous famous famous!!! I am jealous!
thanks for the supportive comment one really knew about the divorce or any of it...until today...kinda feels like a weight lifted to share a little...and it might help some understand why I am not online as much as I used to be. If you ever need a pal to chat know where I am!
have such a fun time for us all on your adventure in junkin...I am with you in spirit!

sissie said...

Hi Linda,
You have a great collection of whites. I would love to go to that yardsale and look for all kinds of good stuff. I would probably want a vintage wire basket or some feedsacks.

You are going to have so much fun.


BECKY said...

Hi Linda! What beautiful milk glass you have! My favorite is the chicken. My grandma had one of those...don't know who wound up getting it, but it wasn't me! I'm a follower and if I win, I'd like anything in the white milk glass, but especially a little chicken!! Thanks for the great contest! (oh, and BTW, one of my best friends attended that garage sale a few years ago. Until then, I had never heard of it!!)

Gypsy Fish said...

loving your milk glass by the gallons....have a great night..thanks for stopping by.

Vintage Christine said...

Dammit I'm going to miss it again! Since were both milk glass addicts you can find me some Westmoreland milk glass for cheap. Hahahahaha! I know u will have a ball!

All The Pretty Dishes said...

Oh Linda, I love ALL of your milk glass! Wow--not only have I just recently learned how much fun yard sales are, now you tell me there is such a thing as The World's Longest Yard Sale. How cool is that???

Kathleen said...

Great finds! My friend at In the Middle of Nowhere has me trying to find Savers. She does well there. An hour away is the closest but I am going to give it a try!
That yard sale sounds wonderful! Have fun!

Chatty Crone said...

Linda I know you love your white milk glass. I want you to go this year - take pictures - explain your journey - and buy things for yourself. You are far to giving!

Have fun.

Vonlipi said...

OMG where was i? I totally overlooked this wonderful post. Your milkglass pieces are TDF! I have the same basket like dish as yours but carnival glass.

I so wish I could go to the WLYS one day!

Shara said...

You lucky duck to go to the WLYS! We have Bargains Galore on 64 in two weeks - it's 150 miles and I am dying to go! Not sure if I will make it or not.....

I don't buy milkglass as a habit, but I have found a few lovely pieces lately with EO Brody on the bottom. They have a much different feel to them. I think the one in your last photo might be one.

Troy said...

OK, I usually avoid giveaways, because I hate the disappointment of never winning... (yeah, I know, can't win if I don't enter...) But what a fun prize!

Lately I have been keeping my eye out for anything with herbal motifs to use to decorate and accentuate our little stand at the farmers market.

So, If I were WLYSing, that's what I would be on the lookout for.

jennjp0518 said...

First, I want to say that this is the most awesome, hardest decision for a contest ever! :) I LOVE so many things! It's so hard to pick one! My husband and I yard sale together all the time. I think its so fun to have something we both totally enjoy to do together! Something where one isn't just counting the minutes until its over! :) haha!We have seen the WLYS on HGTV, and would SOOO love to go, though we both agree, we'd probably need a u-haul truck to get home! haha!
I would probably have to say that i would want you to look for anything truely unique! I am recently into vintage cameras, and i have a huge love for all types of furniture! My husband and i have also just recently started looking for old metal tractors. He shares a love for tractors with his dad, and would love to get him something cool!
I hope you take plenty of pictures to share with us all! This is one post i will be dying to see! So excited for you! :)

Thmini2 said...

I love your milk glass! If I won I would like anything different in miniature for my dollhouses. I also like Raggedy Ann and Andy's. I am trying to find some in miniature, but like the full sized ones also.

Rose said...

I don't have any white's like these. love the rooster. have a good day.

GardenofDaisies said...

I would really love to go to this worlds longest garage sale one of these years! Lets see... IF I was the winner of your contest, I would ask you to keep an eye out for wooden piggy cutting boards, or paper-dolls or linens with embroidered teapots, bluebirds or flowers on them. (tea towels, pillowcases, tablecloths) I love milk glass too.

Sherry from Alabama said...

What a fun contest! I have been looking for some Correll cups ever since my husband broke two of ours. The pattern is Old Town Blue and the cups are the kind with the hook handles. (They were part of a set we got for a wedding gift over 29 years ago!)

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Brenda said...

Oh how fun! I would love to go to this! And I also love milk glass but I do not have a lot of it. I love any kind of vintage sewing items such as pin cushions, buttons, patterns and sewing boxes. Have a great time!

A Write Life said...

Oh, what a great idea. 'm always looking for cute teapots.

Pondside said...

Would I ever love to be going with you! I can't even begin to imagine what this garage sale will be like. If I was to win I'd like you to look for a little white creamer - shape, size, style don't matter....but I sure would love to be looking over your shoulder while you shop!

Betty said...

I'm so darn jealous of that sale. Why don't they have anything good like that out here? I'd love for you to find a pair of bronzed baby booties, they always ask to much at stores.

Jane said...

What a great idea for a contest. I think I'm just sneaking in my entry at the last minute :-)
What would I want you to find for me???? I collect so many things......vintage alarm clock, letter "E", brass hose nozzle, vintage suitcase, vintage shaving brush.....the list could go on and on.
What fun you are going to have. Can't wait to see what you find this year.