Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Time!

My allergies went bonkers this past week with all the pollen, but I kept soldering on.
  I went to the dentist for a cleaning but found out I need two crowns as soon as I can manage it. $$$ 
Back before Christmas my Mom got me an electric pressure cooker.  I haven't used it until now.  She told me how to cook a corned beef so I did! 
Oh so yummy!  Tender corned beef, veggies pressure cooked to perfection!   I will be using this appliance again for sure.  Looking for recipes now!

Rosemary Scout turned 11 months on the 16th.  It won't be long until her 1st birthday.  She is such a sweet and happy little girl.  She can say 'Grandma' but often just calls me GIGI!  I love it.  Sara says she only says that to me, so we know it is her name for me right now.  She is taking a few steps but doesn't want to let go yet.  She is also starting to climb!  

Tiger is busy being a very active boy.
This weekend he learned how to make his own arrowheads.  Daddy supervised of course. 

I babysat both kiddos here and to 'baby proof' I had to line up bins in front of the TV
Move breakables to where Scout couldn't reach them and
 clear this small table of plants and put a 'barrier' (vintage high chair) in front of this corner shelf with plants on it.  It worked!  She could stand up but not reach anything.  We had great fun!

I forgot to take photos of their Easter baskets but they loved the books, small toys and a few chocolate eggs for Tiger. 
(photo by Jack Jones)

Easter Sunday we bring flowers to decorate this cross in the sanctuary and then it goes out in front of the church.  
It is so pretty. 

My Adorable but goofy family! 

It was a good week, but after talking all day yesterday I knew I was loosing my voice (oh allergies go away).  So no talking today and I'm treating my throat with hot tea and honey.  I should be feeling much better soon.

I hope you are having a great Spring time!

Wishing you JOY,


Chatty Crone said...

Looks like Athens is really and truly home - I am so happy for you Linda.

Donna Wilkes said...

Chucks and I are tired of our bad ears and sneezing. I thought the rain last night would help, but the pollen count is still sky high. Love the idea of the flower cross. Funny, funny Easter family photo.

Marigene said...

OMGosh, the kids are growing so fast...Scout is a picture of her Mom, yes, I know I told you the same thing last week, but seeing them together just cements it!
I have never tried an electric pressure cooker, I have the old fashioned one with the bobbler on the top. I used to be afraid of them, but no more. If I forget to get dinner going until really late, it sure comes in handy! I like using it for doing beans for soup or baked beans. I was a little leery of the skins plugging up the vent, but so far it has never happened...takes no time at all to cook them to perfection.
Hope you get over the allergies soon, they are such a pain to deal with.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Sweet family Linda, thank you for sharing. They are growing so fast. Hope the tea and honey works, hope you feel better soon. Hugs.

Vicky Hunt said...

Sounds like life is good...minus the allergies! The kiddos are getting big and are both cute as buttons! That flower cross is so beautiful...what a wonderful idea! Have a great week my friend.

Hugs, Vicky

Pondside said...

Allergies are such a trial at this time of year - so sorry to hear that you are afflicted! Take good care! Your Tiger and Rosemary Scout are as adorable as ever. How can it be that you little granddaughter is nearly year old?


With the tree already budding, allergies are happening around here...lots of sneezing!
Pretty flower cross. Cute photo of the family. Take care.

Terra Hangen said...

I love your floral cross and nice it gets displayed in front of the church for more people to see. I hope your allergies get tamped down soon.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Sounds like you've had such a fun few days except for your pesky allergies. Love all your sweet pictures especially the group family photo. Feel better soon, Linda.

Susan said...

What a wonderful time you had. I hope Spring has come your way, XOXO

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

What a fun post Linda! I love how you quickly babyproofed your home lol. Oh I want one of those pressure cookers. Your dinner looks amazing. Such a cute and goofy family, sweet. Beautiful cross of flowers too. Feel better, allergies are getting me too.

Shelia said...

Hi Linda! I hope you're feeling better with your allergies. They've been attacking me this week too! Oh, how fun those babies are. I can't believe that little doll is almost a year old! Love the church picture and that is such a wonderful thing y'all do with the flowers to make the cross. Very pretty! Take care of yourself.
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

bj said...

you have such a lovely family....Scout and Tiger both are growing up so fast.
keep drinking your tea with honey and lemon...i am doing the same and it helps scratchy throats a lot. xoxo

Mereknits said...

My goodness Linda those little ones are growing up so fast, I can't believe the difference in Scout.
Hugs to you,

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

Goodness Linda!! I feel your pain when it comes to the pollen!!
Hope you feel better soon!
The Babies are growing up so fast!! You're brave - keeping them BOTH at your place at the same time.
I've watched both at their house in the evening a couple of times - but can only handle one at a time over night at my house!!
A beautiful and fun family!!

Lady Linda said...

Your grands are adorable! I have had a cold and allergies and lost my voice too! I'm tired of it. Hope you are doing better. Love the cross.

Knatolee said...

The electric pressure cooker is cool ! I've never seen one of those before!